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Moonlight danced on crashing waves, their thunderous energy spent in frothing fury on the face of the unyielding cliff. A wave receded, revealing the slender tip of a sinewy tentacle, clinging tenuously to the jagged wall of dripping stone
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About eight thirty, Silk awoke to the other two getting up. She heard them go to the bathroom and after a bit heard the toilet flush. This painfully called her attention to the fact that she needed to go too
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(This is the second part of "A Year Of Darkness". Read the first part to fully grasp the story.) Over the next twenty years, the world was slowly getting back to normal. I was now married to Jamie, we had two kids, there was a population boom worldwide, places were being rebuilt
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The Egg Chapter 3 The dream shifted around like oil on top of water. Jacob felt the swirling, nauseating him as he spun in it. He didn’t grasp what was going on. Even as he cried out in frustrating terror, there wasn’t anything he could do. Nothing worked for him
This is a side, side project and the outline is pretty loosely formed so not sure when i'll put out the next one, but until then, enjoy
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Adina Maxor - Sub-princess of Mandria, Lion clan --------------- Gwayne and Thomas hissed and cursed when then ran to the exits trying to find the older male
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Everyone was seeking an opportunity to get off-planet before an asteroid destroyed all life on Earth, and the Zorteff controlled the colony ships
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Phillip rose out of bed to turn his alarm clock off. He kept it on the other side of the room, as he had a habit to hit the snooze button too many times. After hitting the ‘off’ button, Phillip reached up to rub at his eyes
Chapter 1 Sweat dripped from Ethan's chin as he guided the ball around the blocker and ran down the field
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Adina cursed again as another of her teachers got through her defenses. The way she was going she was going to be nothing but a big bruise when they were done. Swinging wildly she grunted when her sword was stuck in a beam that was beside her
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It was a bright sunny late June California day and Brenda was going to spend it at the beach. Brenda was a true California beach bunny. She was at the beach every chance that she got
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King of Mandria, Lion clan Adina Maxor - Paladin Princess of Xendra, Sub-princess of Mandria, Lion clan --------------- Ambrose was running as fast as he could out the back of the palace
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“Coda, I'm sensing a distress signal from sector 51." "Alright Nate, take us there." "Roger that. Computer, set a course to sector 51." Our spaceship lurched, changing directions to head towards our new destination. My name's Coda, and I'm a space pirate alongside my partner, Nate
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RANDOM Tessa woke after a long night of games with her friend Derek. As always, she beat him by a landslide in every game they played before he retired for the night. She woke up early to prepare for work at the local pet shop