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Chapter 1 I was meeting Jennifer later today. Jenni for short. We had spent the last couple of weeks communicating over email. It was time to stop fucking around playing pussyfoot and see if what we had been saying to each other was for real or just sexual provocation
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Immanuel had witnessed the protest, had a single drink with Daria and Susan and then returned home to his flat near Waterloo and typed up a piece on the protest. He doubted many people outside of the Jacobin Inquirer’s modest readership would be especially interested
WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental
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Well it has been 2 months since i started my new job as receptionist at th L&C School of Writing it has been quite the experience for me to work for 2 mistress's who look after my every needand i mean every need
Her day had already been full of fun and it wasn't even noon yet. She stretched and massaged her freshly wasted brown curls. She brought a cup of fresh coffee to her red lips, sipping in the dark brew
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Justine’s visits became more frequent, and we became friends. In the end she guessed that her Daddy was fucking me
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Resume: The Girl has the ability to manipulate people sexually – and to erase memories
.My sexy young slut wife stacy (PART 3) CAMERA CLUB If you have read my other 2 stories about stacy you will know she is a complete slut. Since sucking her first cock at the age of 17 until I write this story she has sucked off between 650 and 700 guys cocks
The Selection Part Three The Journey Begins A Novel By: S. Stevenson Early the next morning, Mike made the rounds to each of the slave’s bedrooms releasing them from their tethers. He instructed each to shower and shave as he removed pad locks from their collars and cuffs
Chapter 1 It had all happened faster than she could have imagined, and she was still wondering how she could be so lucky that her biggest fantasy would come true; but it did. Jo was a 17 year old teenager with the hots for her brother
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Valkyrie was waiting for Skulduggery outside the sanctuary, and was quickly running out of patience
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accepted most of the last two inches of that magnificent 13" black cock. Once bottomed out I snapped another picture and then set the camera aside, closed my eyes and told Jim to fuck me hard
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Garret and Dale had yet to enter the car. Hayly was sitting on the seat behind the driver’s seat. She began buckling herself in when she noticed Dale and Garret had yet to get in to the car
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Samantha's Night Out The excitement had been building for weeks. Samantha knew something was in the wind but she didn't know what. Nervously she dressed for an evening out
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Elaine had always been quite inhibited. She was raised by religious parents and it left her with some hangups about sin and guilt about pleasure. She was fine about the act of intercourse and enjoyed it,but when it came to anything a little unusual,she was much less sure