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This story contains violent content if you find such things distressing please do not read on. Stacey Sherwood hated working late, she hated end of month figures, and most of all she hated her fucking PC for having erased all her figures for the day
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Charles tried to open his eyes, a small groan erupted from his dry throat. Christ what in the hell hit me he thought, feels like I've been hit several times
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Misty Walker answered the phone before her mother could get it. She was sixteen, but she acted as if she was an adult, or at least she liked to think so. “Hello?” she said. Her mother looked at her. “Who is it?” she asked. “This is she
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Stuart: Christmas week in Texas I’ve had a month to digest it and I’ve heard every way it was looked at but I still have trouble coping with the simple fact that I helped kill a man
Little Red stood motionless as the three gigantic wolves leered at her. She could not tell how many stood behind her but could feel their eyes burning into her. The back of her neck tingled causing goose bumps from utter fear. The wolf in front of her towered over her
Hey guys. As you asked, there's the second part of the story. Thank you very much for your support and all your comments at part 1
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Adina Maxor - Sub-princess of Mandria, Lion clan --------------- Gwayne and Thomas hissed and cursed when then ran to the exits trying to find the older male
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Pt1 Jamie was walking home from work, it was quite late. She had got stuck behind at work dealing with a demanding client way past her usual working hours and was really happy to be finally heading home
It was just after 11 P.M. when I finally hung up the phone. The queue for Tier 1 had closed over an hour ago, and they had called clear at 10:15. I was stuck on a call, however. I do over-the-phone technical support. I used to do actual repairs on phones and tablets
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My Japanese Love Part 2: The Aftermath I woke up alone in bed and looked at the close. It was 8 in the morning. Could yesterday have been a dream? Did I really have sex with Amya Yoshido after not seeing her for a couple of years? Yeah I thought to myself it was a dream
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Author’s note: This story is based on real life events that occurred to me. The names have all been changed to protect the innocent, and not so innocent
The Devil's Pact, The Hell Chronicles Copyright 2015 Chapter Eight: Seduction Notes: Thanks to b0b for Beta reading this! Lamia – The Abyss “I wish to parley with your Lord,” I purred, staring at the women and the charred, skeletal demons that had us surrounded
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l injuries Synthetic, Humanoid, Enlightened, Inquisitive, Living, Android - Sheila ------------------- Even as everything was whizzing by I started to 'hear' the nanomites within me
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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental
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Adina cursed again as another of her teachers got through her defenses. The way she was going she was going to be nothing but a big bruise when they were done. Swinging wildly she grunted when her sword was stuck in a beam that was beside her