Well all have had this thought for awhile and decided to put it to paper so to speak, and see what the rest of ya think. Nothing too taboo in this - check the tags above. Comments are of course welcomed. Hope you find this as erotic as I did
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Elena and I became aquanited in a internet chat room. Our chats turned to her fantasy of being fucked by a big long thick cock. I asked her if she liked BIG, hard cocks that she could gag on and ride all night? She was a bit hesitant at first, just like I said, but then she eventually nervously said, 'yes.' I want to see you scream, moan, groan, cum, gasp and beg for more!' I replied '
OPEN WINDOW When Erin turned sixteen, she was still a virgin. That didn't last long though because her boyfriend, Sam, finally convinced her to go all the way one hot summer night a few months after her sixteenth birthday
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We reached the construction jobsite about dusk and the work crews were in the process to putting tools away and securing the area. Debbie handed me a hard hat and we jumped out of her car. There were three buildings in different stages of construction
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I had meant Tanya when I visited her house that was for sale. I bought her house and continued to recieve some of her mail. In conversations with her, I learned she was divorcied and owned a insurance agency. She is a tall slender 43 year old woman, with a hot sexy body
Submission by Pleasure I was in the shower shaving. I haven’t done anything like this in a while and it made me nervous. More then anything I wanted to please you. So I shave naked removing all hair
Again I did not write any of this story, I just enjoyed it and thought to share it with the rest of you. Hope you enjoy. Throughout the many chapters (20+) there will be a little bit of just about everything so stay tuned and read the themes if you like or don't like it
Comments are turned off I am tired of sick bastards using my stories to advance their sick ways. If Any of you have any comments you can email me. Who Me ….
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Phtonus's words scared Cat to her core
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She’d gone through six long years of hell, endless darkness and doom. Weeks of crying, yearning for an apology, a phone call, something that could explain what had happened. Who was she kidding; Deana knew deep down that was never going to happen
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Chapter 4: “It’s true, I crave you…” Spending every Friday night in the same booth entertaining the same hairy Russian who just couldn’t seem to keep his hands to himself was a tedious task that Vixen wasn’t sure she could repeat for very long without breaking a few fingers
This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 8 ‘Say that again,’ said Voldemort dangerously as he sat in the living room of Malfoy Manor
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This isn't something I ever thought I'd write out, let alone let anyone else read, but it never really occurred to me that anyone would want to, or that there was anyone else like me. Hell, I didn't even know I was like this before Monty
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My name is Ashley. I never thought I had it in me to become an escort but sometimes you have to do things you never thought you would do to succeed in life. Even selling, or giving my services every now and then to keep up with bills
Amanda's Fantasy By: DamonX () Amanda hummed to herself as she pushed the door open and stepped into her dimly lit apartment. Tossing her backpack on the floor, she let the door swing shut behind her before sliding the deadbolt shut with a satisfying ‘clunk'