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This story is not true. There is no New York State. There is no Department of Correctional Services and they do not have prisons. There is no Judge John Cline and he never sat on the bench in Albany County New York
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Okay this is totally fake but here it goes! I was 15 when all this happend. It was a normal day of school. But something happend in the afternoon. I was walking down the hallway until six of these dumb jocks I hate came up to me and started picking on me
Hope you enjoy. There was allot of dialog and character info to get the story going. Live-in Maintenance Man Isabelle a 36 year old mother of 3 now living in Strawberry, CA after her husband past away
It was half past twelve (12:30) midnight. I was staying at a motel from having a huge fight with my parents arguing about my arranged marriage with some rich, disgusting guy I was supposed to marry and have children with. He was so hideous I had chills down my spine
A Proposal I Cannot Forget This is my first story on here, so be kind, please comment, will take criticism. This is a true story.. wish I could forget about it but maybe I was ment to share this. The names have been changed for confidentiality. A little backround
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Part 3 Jill meets a guy and Lisa teaches Jill a lesson. As always I look forward to your comments or requests. Jill has been working for almost four months now. It's been very busy and getting busier every week
Tiffany awoke on the couch. She wasn’t sure if that was all real, but the pain all over her body and the collar on her neck reminded her that it was. Everything was sore from the previous night’s events, or was it the previous day’s? She had no way to tell
Prior : The Do-gooder MILF The Do-gooder MILF -2 The Do-gooder MILF -3 MILF Meat All fucking smiles for the boys. Barry was next. The bitch was shivering, quivering. She realized she was not only being raped, she was going to be gangraped. Fucked one at a time
The Cock Lock Carly Parker stopped in the hallway, just outside her son’s door. She heard the grunts and knew he was jacking off. She’d heard the same sounds many times, lately, and at all hours of the night and day
Jenny’s stepfather had successfully trained his young asian teen into a submissive sex slave (read the previous story) that gave him blowjobs whenever he wanted. Jack, Jenny’s stepbrother, still wanted to take his little sister’s virginity
Part 3 The next day, I awoke inside a large cage we kept in the basement for Beefy. It was tall, rising to the ceiling, but I was handcuffed low near the ground. The ball gag was gone, but replaced with the cloth bandanna over my mouth. My jaw ached from the ball gag
Breaking the Cheerleader Jessica awoke in a daze. She blinked her blue eyes, trying to focus on any shape in the darkness as she struggled to remember where she was. There had been a party last night. She attended with one of the football players from her school
Royal Deviancy King Adrian sighed, his head hanging shamefully as he sat at the foot of his bed. The had just set, it was nearly time for his nightly routine to begin
“Oh Jesus Christ. . .” I mumble through the fog of a hangover. “What happened last night?” Oh no. The memories start to drift back into my head as the dizziness of sitting up subsides. I didn’t. I didn’t do what I think I did. I couldn’t have
Tony Stark’s silver Audi screeches around a corner on it’s way to Hammer Industries. “When we arrive I need you to watch the perimeter” Natasha says as she pulls out her hair clips. “I’m gonna enter the facility and take down the target.” She unzips her shirt revealing her bra