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The memories came flooding back as she slunk down in the seat. Rosie peeked over the steering wheel as the couple passed in front of her car, arm in arm, him pushing the shopping cart, a small child of around two years old in the seat
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It was cold. I stood on the street corner in the freezing rain. I still couldnt believe this. I was a whore. I was a slut. I used to do this for money for myself, but now i did it for My Children. I was having Twins. I Was 8 months pregnant and i Needed money to get a dingy apartment
“I just had to get out of that house,” Hannah said. “Why? What happened?” “Oh yeah, I never told you.” Hannah had a flair for being forgetful, but even as she hardened herself to tell me, it was clearly something she’d always remembered
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I had just finished talking to Svetlana and put the vacume cleaner away. I went into the bathroom cleaned up and headed over to Svetlana's house. I knock on the door and Svetlana opens the door and invites me in
Incest Cruise Jack Blake had just celebrated his 16th birthday yesterday. Although a tall and athletic boy, he was shy and somewhat awkward. So here he sat in his room on a Friday night jerking off to pictures of naked or near naked women. He saved his favorite for last
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Jeyne Poole could not put her finger on it but….Something was different about Sansa Stark. Since a few days ago, the eldest Stark daughter had changed drastically. Oh sure, she had long stopped trying to talk on and on about the endless new fashions and clothing from the south
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Genetic Modification Today was to be the day. All of the tests, the hypotheses and fights with ethical groups had been, either worked out with scenarios considered, probed and prodded, or just discarded. Elaine, or just Laney to her group of friends, was ready
The three walked through the colony chatting as they went. Renee kept asking Bobby if he would do this or that to Tallia as She absolutely loved what it did for her
It was January of my senior year in high school. Things should have been coming to an end. My classmates were primarily focused on things like senior trip, college applications, prom, and graduation rather than schoolwork. At least that’s how it was before the accident
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Author’s note: This story is based on real life events that occurred to me. The names have all been changed to protect the innocent, and not so innocent
Mike drove to Becca and Cassie’s house quickly, pushing the speed limit at every mile. When Becca had called him on the phone, she hadn’t revealed anything of her plans for the day, but Mike knew that tone of voice she was in. She was up to something dirty
" JIM ITS TIME " my eyes open I realize today was gonna be the day that changed my life I was gonna become the next Harrington to get married I was excited nervous scared but undoubtedly in love
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It was a bright sunny late June California day and Brenda was going to spend it at the beach. Brenda was a true California beach bunny. She was at the beach every chance that she got
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Her baby kicked; he didn’t like the cold air of the open freezer door. It had malfunctioned overnight but was still as cold as a refrigerator and Maya was only halfway through the hundreds of sperm samples she had to take care of
Tales of Joseph Hill "Come over to the House. I have a surprise for you.-Anniston." I looked at the message on my phone and sighed, my eyes going back to the winding up lecture. My name is Joseph Hill