Foot or shoe fetish
My eyes awoke to the piercing rays of the sun, fighting its way through the blinds. I quickly glanced at the clock and was relieved to see it was only 8:30. The best chance for me and Chris to get any action today was before anyone else woke up
------------- Chapter 2: The Sole Purpose ------------- It had been about a year since Katie, Jax, and I saw each other
We were back in my wife’s hometown for a short vacation and she decided she would like to catch up with a few old friends she hasn’t talked to since high school
Sarah’s eyes lit up with glee. “I’ve always wanted to try that! Hold on for just a minute, I have to find the keys to let you out!” Before I could berate her for locking me up without knowing where the keys were, she was off of me and out of the room. I felt her absence immediately
There was no possible reasonable explanation as to why my 14-year old cousin was laying naked on my bed. Trust me, within a matter of a minute my mind had tried to figure out numerous ways to which I could explain the situation, but alas, none were worth the exertion
SHUT UP AND SUCK ME PT. 1 Lorcan had move to the small town of Wolf Creek three months ago with his mom. He has a few friends, but they didn’t know that he had a secret, not even his mom knew about it. Lorcan is a gay fifteen year old boy; he has long blonde hair and a swimmers body
His hands roamed across her body, her breath coming in ragged gasps as she felt his embrace; His tongue traced around her aereola as she moaned softly, enjoying the attentions of her lover
Part 2 "I’ve never been a squirter!" Janice thought to herself as she squeezed her thighs together and felt her cum spread around her inner thighs from the pressure
Samarth was dumbfounded and kept sitting in the same place, staring towards the door for 10 minutes. He was a mere boy of 15, unaware of the subtle arts of seduction. When he was able to react he looked towards his laptop and realised there was a video playing on his screen
WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental
How Polygamy Begins Hi, My name’s Jason and I’m a young atypical guy, not quite the Dungeons and Dragons living in your mom’s basement type, but not quite good enough to hang out with the cool kids either. I have spent my life stuck in the netherworld of loneliness
She got up after that, washed her feet and came back to sit next to me. She took her feet and started using her toes to play with my balls, and rubbed her soles on the length of my dick, until my dick began growing againand before I knew it, my dick was rock hard once again
Donna’s Wish Donna came over one day and she sat down on the couch and I sat down in a chair across from her and she put her feet in my lap
We got to the house, let the dogs out, and popped a couple beers. Once the dogs were in and fed, the chickens and turtles were fed, and the cats were fed, I showed Nicole around the house. She told me she didn’t really have any furniture, but that we would make do
Heather awoke on this Friday morning ready to begin her daily routine. The 21 yr old beauty had her usual breakfast of juice, fruit and a toasted muffin. She then put hair back into a short pony tail and got into her jogging suit and shoes for her usual run