Two Teen Lovers Have An Experience Of A Life Time. True Story, Happened To Me. Names Have Been Changed. My first story of this kind, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Should I do a part two?
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Well where do I begin? I was your average kid I'd say, kept to myself alot for whatever the reasons. I was short for my age about 5'6 and a 135 lbs with a 24-26 waist. Lots of brown hair, not hippie long but I guess you would say like skater hair. haha
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Poster's notes This is a series originally posted on Nifty by a friend of mine. On his behalf (because for some reason, he couldn't get an account here), I'm posting it here. He reckons people who read here might like it too
Karen and I were together as an item for most of that first semester. She broke up with me after Christmas, saying she wanted to see other people, and we drifted apart after that
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I was bored as hell, sitting in my first period science class. The teacher was teaching us some bullshit that we wouldn’t really have to use in real life. I kind of drifted off in this class a lot to pass the time, but today I didn’t
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First, let me introduce you to the main character…Natalie Kosher. Natalie is 15 years old, she has strawberry blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. She stands 5’4 and is slim, athletic built. Her breasts are size 34, perfectly shaped, and she has ass, perfect ass
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I was walking to a class on the third floor one day. I was following a girl wearing a skirt. I was about three to four stairs behind her. I happened to look up as I heard the bang of a book fall on the floor. As I looked up, there she was, bent over to pick up her book
New Feelings Entirely fiction! I watched the young middle school girls come in too my room, waiting for me too finish a little work so i could work with them in this after school session. Oh god, the thoughts, my dreaded thoughts
It was May, towards the beginning, so it wasn't too hot, I guess you could say you could wear a hoodie outside without dying of heat exhaustion. I'm Sam, I'm a soon to be senior at Icy Stream high school in the state of Rhode Island, yes Rhode Island
Jay and Amy part 2 So a couple things before you guys read, I do write for fun. And to the people who don’t get it, Jay does talk like a caveman, he doesn’t like to pronounce the entire word and he likes to skip over unnecessary words. It’s not bad grammar, it’s how he talks
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JUST GETTING STARTED BY ROBBY SR. It seems no matter how much, or what other kind of noise is going on at any time on the field - the coach’s whistle will cut right through it. It did this time, too, and as expected, everyone came to a standstill
BECOMING…. I always had an interest in boys as well as girls when it came to wanting to explore with them sexually. I always thought that was true for most young people as they pass through puberty, but I realize now that that's not the case at all
She smiled as he gently caressed her back, basking in the glow that only comes after loin-tingling sex. The twilight feel of his bedroom created by the light seeping through the blinds and the gentle breeze of the fan heightened the senses on her skin as she laid still
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IThere was about an hour left in my chemistry final exam I was sitting there with half my test done and no idea on how to solve the rest of the problems. I looked up from my test to hopefully find an answer from the kid next to me
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Friday, September 3, 2005 Hunter wanted to jack me off again in the locker room, but I suggested we wait until class. I wouldn't want to disappoint our audience two days in a row. We made our way to the classroom and sat down on the desk