Job and Place-of-work
Jason had finally grown bored enough with his peaceful life that he decided to destroy it
Summertime Part 1 James always worked as a lifeguard in the summer when he wasn’t in school. He had done so his last few years of high school, now into his first couple years of college. Waiting tables never appealed to him, neither did landscape work
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Chapter 4: “It’s true, I crave you…” Spending every Friday night in the same booth entertaining the same hairy Russian who just couldn’t seem to keep his hands to himself was a tedious task that Vixen wasn’t sure she could repeat for very long without breaking a few fingers
Kathy After High School I needed a job, I could not decide in what field I wanted to work, I tried the military but didn't like the feeling I got when I talked to the recruiters
Just three minutes to go. Henry’s computer time confirmed the hopeful news the office clock had already told him. He put his coffee cup to his lips—his “blowjob lips”, as Patrick often joked—and sank the final grainy dregs
The Masked Affair By M.J Honey August is the most beautiful time of the year. The breeze always feels perfect. It's the time of year in which everything seems to go just right. It could be because I was born in September that I have something to look forward to
his way from the back of the room and then waited a little bit nervously for Miss Boyer to continue "You look a little shaken," Miss Boyer said easily, "are you sure you're all right!?!" "After taking a deep breath, Tommy turned to face her and replied, "Sure, I feel fine, so when ever you're ready
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The meeting was called to discuss tactics for extracting a sizeable financial contribution from the private sector to fund a new rail link. I expected the men in suits to be present at this meeting and I was not disappointed
The Devil's Pact, The Ghost of Paris edited by Master Ken Copyright 2014 Chapter Four: The Public Library Friday, September 13th, 2013 – Paris, Texas There was an away game, so there was no cheerleading practice this afternoon
It had been a very long day and evening. Being an assistant principal at a high school all day is draining enough. Add supervising a spring dance to the day’s workload and I was more than ready to call it a day, or a week for that matter
Fbailey story number 253 Topless Tuesday My interview was on a Friday
My name is Carly. I am 14 years old and as a summer job, I had been cleaning the offices in this building for the last three months. The money was ok and the work wasn't too bad . . . wiping the desks, cleaning the cups, vacuuming the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, etc
Some may remember sitting in a darkened room, watching Rod Serling's “Night Gallery.” Each episode began with an unusual painting, about which Mr
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