Male and Female Teens
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"You go and watch tv", Amelia said, pointing Jeff toward the living room. She clearly believed what her mother taught, that it was a woman's job to take care of her man, because she and Laura started working on making dinner
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Misty Walker answered the phone before her mother could get it. She was sixteen, but she acted as if she was an adult, or at least she liked to think so. “Hello?” she said. Her mother looked at her. “Who is it?” she asked. “This is she
It was still early in the day. I asked Jimmy and Ian what they had planned for the day. They were still in a daze from the sex that was had. They said whatever we wanted. I looked at the girls and they just smiled. I moved over by Jimmy and started stroking his thicker cock
Sophomore year. I move back into a shared room with the same roomate. His regular absence on weekends is convenient. Alexa stays in the apartment with Chelsea and another girl but Shelby comes back to campus and the dorms and the trysting room. I am Cool Joe Sophomore on campus
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hey all! its your friendly neighborhood juggalo here with the next bit. Now this one is a bit of a doozy because half of it was wrote while i was drunk, so yeah. still the same concept, i'm new to writing and about to run out of ideas so suggestions are wanted
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I laughed a little when I called my neighbor Neil to see if he wanted to ride with me to our high school’s basketball game and he complained that his cousin was staying at his folks over the weekend while her parents were out of town so he probably wouldn’t go
I watched as they licked my cum from each other’s faces and then licked Amanda's hand clean. They moved up onto the bed next to me and we hugged and shared kisses for a moment. Then Alissa stood up and said “We need to collect Anna and CJ and go get showered and dressed for tonight
This story is a continuation of my last one. I have embellished some aspects to make it more enjoyable but this is pretty much what happened. I spent the whole day in anticipation of that evening. I found myself not breathing whenever I was thinking about it
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I've long thought myself mad. I mean, I've got to be crazy to do what I want to do "Charles! Wake up! It's time to get to school for your field trip to the museum!" My step-mom shouts at the top of her lungs on this warm Saturday morning. "Alright Claire! I'm up
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Bahamas Vacation (6) (Background: I took a trip to get away from memories after my fiancee's, Debby’s, death. We had planned to be here, Nassau, Bahamas, on our honeymoon. I met Cinnamon, an employee at the hotel, when I checked in
My Lucky Family ? An Erotic Story The heavy manila folder holds little clue as to why the woman is there
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The Lynda Chronicles Chapter 1. Beginnings It was recess and the girl standing in front of John Ryan's desk was obviously nervous; she was wringing her hands and biting her bottom lip. 'So, Lynda,' he asked
The Camp Nurse: Chapter 5 - The Canoe by Nightshade [The continuing adventures of Chris Mattson, RN at an all-girls cheerleading camp high up in the mountains out west. Only Chris is a male. Let the fun continue.] Janet was at breakfast the next morning
Chapter 2 I see him. My target. My victim. Whatever you want to call it. I’ve been studying him for a week now. I am in the form of a sparrow, flying over his head. He walks into a sandwich shop. I change to my ghost form and follow inside. He is sitting alone, eating a sandwich
And now, “Vincent and Erin”, Part One. Vincent looked longingly at the clock, just minutes before the day was over. He was done with his test early, and waited desperately for the time to end