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Moonlight danced on crashing waves, their thunderous energy spent in frothing fury on the face of the unyielding cliff. A wave receded, revealing the slender tip of a sinewy tentacle, clinging tenuously to the jagged wall of dripping stone
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(This is the second part of "A Year Of Darkness". Read the first part to fully grasp the story.) Over the next twenty years, the world was slowly getting back to normal. I was now married to Jamie, we had two kids, there was a population boom worldwide, places were being rebuilt
Penny sat in the living room, Yvette close by. The pair looking at the blonde girl in the room with them. It had taken the sisters a couple of days to come up with any idea of how to deal with the upcoming dead line
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Summer gave way to autumn and The Beast’s attitude towards Rose slowly mellowed, although the moments of genuine cordiality between them never quite returned
Some may remember sitting in a darkened room, watching Rod Serling's “Night Gallery.” Each episode began with an unusual painting, about which Mr
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The Egg Chapter 3 The dream shifted around like oil on top of water. Jacob felt the swirling, nauseating him as he spun in it. He didn’t grasp what was going on. Even as he cried out in frustrating terror, there wasn’t anything he could do. Nothing worked for him
Kim awoke the next morning feeling completely refreshed. She threw off the sheet as she sat up, her clothes were on and in order, it must have just been a dream. Then something on the fitted sheet caught her eye, a spot of blood. She moved to stand and felt sore between her legs
Cindy finished drawing the final line and put the chalk away in her pocket. On the floor beneath her was a pentagram surrounded by concentric circles with Sumerian runes surrounding each circle
It was just after 11 P.M. when I finally hung up the phone. The queue for Tier 1 had closed over an hour ago, and they had called clear at 10:15. I was stuck on a call, however. I do over-the-phone technical support. I used to do actual repairs on phones and tablets
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Charlotte was going hunting. She waited until an hour after sundown and then set out, taking only her heaviest cloak and her sturdiest pair of boots. The cottage door closed behind her as the wind whipped down the side of the mountain
Ariadne (or Ari for her friends) is a quite normal girl in a normal town. She is an eighteen year old girl and was about to start college. She lives in a medium-sized European town, with her little sister and her parents. She has nice red long hair
Chapter 1 Sweat dripped from Ethan's chin as he guided the ball around the blocker and ran down the field
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“Coda, I'm sensing a distress signal from sector 51." "Alright Nate, take us there." "Roger that. Computer, set a course to sector 51." Our spaceship lurched, changing directions to head towards our new destination. My name's Coda, and I'm a space pirate alongside my partner, Nate
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RANDOM Tessa woke after a long night of games with her friend Derek. As always, she beat him by a landslide in every game they played before he retired for the night. She woke up early to prepare for work at the local pet shop
The Mermaid's Courtship Chapter Three: The Mermaid's Punishment By mypenname3000 Ayral – Bottom of Calthin Bay, Triton's Kingdom King Triton, my father, floated over me, his white beard waving before his muscular chest. His violet eyes were hard