Jim and Beverly sat in the tub reminiscing about certain things that happened many years ago. Jim just revealed that he was going to reconcile with his brother Raymond
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Em It is 1823. In Lancashire England. “Look I would rather die than marry Archie Cuthbole,” Cousin Emily said forcibly after dinner one evening. “Em, you have no fortune, you have little choice,” I explained in my “big Brother” role, “He is a worthy suitor
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After work on Tuesday, I called Lisa “My son is still under the weather but hopefully we can get together tomorrow” she said. She wasn’t able to talk long but promised to call me the next day
Author note: The usual caveats apply: All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons is unintended and co-incidental. I would also appreciate any constructive commentary and reviews after you complete this story. Enjoy. ==== My name is Simmons and I am a voyeur
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As Anastasia waited for her friend Sophie in the college coffee bar, she was thinking. Sophie as a bright, bubbly girl with lots of friends yet she hardly ever took part in the college social events
I had always fantasize and encourage my wife to do porn. Samantha didn't want to do it because she didn't want her parents to find out. After her mom passed away, Samantha felt life is so short as her mom was only 45yo & she is 23yo
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It was cold. I stood on the street corner in the freezing rain. I still couldnt believe this. I was a whore. I was a slut. I used to do this for money for myself, but now i did it for My Children. I was having Twins. I Was 8 months pregnant and i Needed money to get a dingy apartment
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Sissy the Redhead: The College Plan Pt VII: The Finale The last few weeks have been unreal. That night after my mom confronted Charlotte about everything, Jim had come home
Resume: The Girl has the ability to manipulate people sexually – and to erase memories. She has seduced both the man Dad and his Wife Mom and together they are planning to steal a USB dongle. They have prepared a spyware device and they are training to act as prostitutes
My name is Katy. I grew up without my father who i never knew, and didn't find out until later why he didn't stick around. My story begins when I was 14 years old. I was raised pretty much without any direction or guidance. So I was free to do whatever I pleased
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PASTOR DAMIAN’S ERECTION IN THE CHURCH On the pulpit, Pastor Damian bowed his head as if to pray. Everyone closed their eyes except him. He leaned downwards, hurriedly looked at the crowd, and saw diverse panties worn by women. There were bikinis, thongs, G-strings, and boy-shorts
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Fbailey story number 155 Cheating Bitch Melissa is a very attractive girl of twenty-one. She is tall, thin, and has really big tits for her size. However she is also a cheating bitch. Melissa is five feet ten inches tall, a hundred and fifteen pounds, and wears a 34-D bra
There I was, hard at work as usual. It was a busy Friday afternoon. Another high profile murder case. Same MO as the last. The victim was tortured with lacerations all over his body. Fingernails tore off. Eyeball out of its socket. A gruesome murder
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This story is just fiction. Any of the characters are real or facts are about something is really happened (also if I suspect many of the girls who started this, started in this way or for the same reason)
1. Sangeeta & Angela Random Guy Sangeeta was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, listening to Angela fucking some guy she’d found in the bar that they’d visited that evening