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This story is almost fiction, and any resemblance to events, places, persons living or dead, is not coincidence. The characters are real with fictitious names and the events are factual, or almost, to tell the truth, they have been altered a little, very little
This is part three of a story. If you haven’t read parts one and two you may like to do so before you read this. As with previous parts, this story is fictional. It involves sexual acts between a 12 and 14 year old brother and sister which includes peeing
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No institution or agency may use this work for other than the intended purpose – to provide personal entertainment. All characters are fictional. This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy
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"You go and watch tv", Amelia said, pointing Jeff toward the living room. She clearly believed what her mother taught, that it was a woman's job to take care of her man, because she and Laura started working on making dinner
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For years my family and I would go visit Europe and stay with our aunt my father’s sister. For a few years my brother and I went to Europe alone and lived with her during our 2 month vacations. We swore that she hated us, she was mean to us and we were mean to her
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Mark came out of his room the next morning to find Allison crouched in front of his door, stark naked. “They’ve left for work.” She informed him as a panicked look crossed his face. “We have just enough time for a quickie
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As I walked inside our front door, I heard Francine call from the kitchen, “Darlin’, we have company.” I went to the kitchen doorway and saw a tall redheaded woman sitting at the table with Francine. “Darrell, meet my sister in law Norma,” Francine introduced us
The Futa Fairy – Futa Doctor's Hot Wish Chapter Two: Dr. Rita's Futa Medicine By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 I rolled off my sleeping beauty, both of us breathing so heavily. Already, Nurse Pita was dressing, a big smile on the Hispanic nurse's face
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Ravi Chopra was cruising 10,000 feet above sea level in the Boeing in which he was traveling from U.K to India. It was about to land in a short time. He was daydreaming about his mother whom he had not seen since past three years
Again I did not write any of this story, I just enjoyed it and thought to share it with the rest of you. Hope you enjoy. Throughout the many chapters (20+) there will be a little bit of just about everything so stay tuned and read the themes if you like or don't like it
Ultimate Interface 1.0 It was late on a Friday night, as usual I was on my computer playing games or tweaking them, I don't play fair, but then I never play online so it doesn't bother me or anyone else
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It was the morning of December 21 as Chad Nichols and his family prepared for the arrival of his aunt, Alison. Alison was his father's sister whom Chad hadn't seen in twelve years, when he was only six years old
My eyes awoke to the piercing rays of the sun, fighting its way through the blinds. I quickly glanced at the clock and was relieved to see it was only 8:30. The best chance for me and Chris to get any action today was before anyone else woke up
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Somehow Nikki was up first. She DID have an early afternoon flight home. She had arranged for breakfast to be sent up along with enough robes for all of us. I imagine the delivery kid didn't require a tip when he rolled in the tray and saw Cindy and Sandy entwined on the sofa bed
Jim and Beverly sat in the tub reminiscing about certain things that happened many years ago. Jim just revealed that he was going to reconcile with his brother Raymond