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One day, i woke up to a slap to my face, it was my girlfriend looking at me with anger
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A visit to the gynecologist is not most women's idea of a great time. For some of my friends, those trips are a source of anxiety and fear
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This one is completely the work of my depraved imagination. (With some inspiration from Jade Dragon and Eucher). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it
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“Again.” I shout finally able to finish my sentence. I hear gasps from all around me, I look around to see that we are outside the gates to the capital
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They lay together the TV flickered in the darkened room, the quite sounds of a couple talking drifted around the room as a drama played out on the small screen
Fold, Spindle, and Mommy Rape Part 3. by DiscipleN - all characters herein are 18 or older by the time they act sexually. - I managed a full night's sleep after a long shower, until Race woke me the next morning by pulling my jaw open. "Huh? Race? Hey! NO!" I shrunk back
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he Devil's Pact, The Ghost of Paris Interlude Copyright 2015 Chapter Five: The Prisoner Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading! Saturday, September 21st, 2013 – Jake Duncan – Paris, Texas I was sitting in my cell, trying to sleep on the hard mattress, cursing my bad luck
?CHAPTER THREE: PART TWO OUT OF TWO! ?? ? ?JAMIE VENN LOTT ?? ?I'm straight And for me to be horny for this "Veronica"..
Fold, Spindle, and Mommy Rape Part 2. by DiscipleN - all characters herein are 18 or older by the time they act sexually. - Knocking woke me to Monday. "Mom? Are you okay? It's nine AM." Race sounded concerned
Fold, Spindle, and Mommy Rape by DiscipleN Copyright (c) 2016, by DiscipleN. All rights reserved. - all characters herein are 18 or older by the time they act sexually
Chapter 11 The next day was taken up by everyone chipping in to take care of the baby and with errands and helping Dad out, since he needed help every time he needed to get up. The baby took up a lot of Rita's time, so I jumped in helping with the laundry and dinner too
I am recently married to a beautiful lady. She is extremely intelligent and a great person. Unfortunately her sexual drive and apatite for straight and deviant sex is much lower than mine. My intention was to be loyal and faithful to her
My mind races ahead to a whole week alone with you in our house before Linda comes home. Taking you back to our seats, Sheela goes to help prepare 'tourist' for landing, you are solemn and rigid. I suspect you are already very sore from the pounding my body gave yours