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Charles tried to open his eyes, a small groan erupted from his dry throat. Christ what in the hell hit me he thought, feels like I've been hit several times
Sara was having a really good wet dream, pledge 1572 was back visiting the men's soccer team back in the change room and she had asked them to fuck all her holes to thank them for being such gentle men (if not quite gentlemen)
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‘What in the world did you think you were doing?’ Elaine demanded anxiously, shaking her sister and roommate awake. Béla sat up and looked at her sister, sitting on the bed next to her. Elaine looked upset and angry. They were back in her quarters on the great ship
Warning to readers chapters of this story features the themes of rape, slavery, and murder. While this chapter features the theme of incest if you don't like stories with these leave now. All sexually active characters are over 18
He watched the fly ball float up into the air and knew right away. It was going far, but not far enough. The ball fell unceremoniously into the glove of his rivals from the state college team. It was his chance for glory snuffed out at the last minute
WARNING: This story is sick and twisted, however, it is only a story. It is Fiction! It contains dark themes including the Rape and the Cruel Treatment of a ‘boy’ by a man
Chapter Nine “So what’s the plan for today?” Jenny asked as she ate her breakfast of fruit salad, brought up by room service. “We start hunting,” said Adrian, holding up a folder
Chapter 2: At The Mercy Of The Harem-Amazons ! As the Harem-Amazons moved towards them, they started removing their armor, revealing their tanned, muscular-yet feminine flesh. Toned and taut with hard nipples and completely shaved pussies
This is a side, side project and the outline is pretty loosely formed so not sure when i'll put out the next one, but until then, enjoy
Kim awoke the next morning feeling completely refreshed. She threw off the sheet as she sat up, her clothes were on and in order, it must have just been a dream. Then something on the fitted sheet caught her eye, a spot of blood. She moved to stand and felt sore between her legs
Warning: Two women die by the sword - the wound inflicted in the worst possible place. Don't read this if you're squeamish or have problems with reading about female sexual torture by a male
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Adina Maxor - Sub-princess of Mandria, Lion clan --------------- Gwayne and Thomas hissed and cursed when then ran to the exits trying to find the older male
I left Susan in the now very capable, and controlling hands of Lori. I went to school with Lori to find my next play mates, and it didn't take too long
Food for the AI He was an idiot, drinking alcohol, trying to chat up girls, basically being just like the other waisted arrogant pricks in their business suits in this bar
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Everyone was seeking an opportunity to get off-planet before an asteroid destroyed all life on Earth, and the Zorteff controlled the colony ships