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We reached the construction jobsite about dusk and the work crews were in the process to putting tools away and securing the area. Debbie handed me a hard hat and we jumped out of her car. There were three buildings in different stages of construction
My eyes awoke to the piercing rays of the sun, fighting its way through the blinds. I quickly glanced at the clock and was relieved to see it was only 8:30. The best chance for me and Chris to get any action today was before anyone else woke up
Me, My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend: Part Three December 2001 I left college after my sophomore year and moved back home because I was offered a great job that I couldn’t turn down
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Writer’s Comments: Except for the names of cities and numbers of roads being real, this is a completely fictional story. It was originally written as a single short story but it may have been a little long at 47 pages for a single online read
I lay on the black leather sofa, my silky smooth legs over my best friends lap. It was one of those old leather sofa’s that was a little bit worn, but you literally sink in to. It was soo comfortable. Its warm leather and anorectic smell made the whole place homely
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nd Nena fly into subspace Arrives ########## Thursday Morning ########## **** Nena ********dream*** Scott was ramming his rock hard dick in and out of my pussy as I tighten my the grip that my thighs have around his waist pulling him deeper inside of me
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We’d been married for about ten years when I discovered my wife’s secret fantasy, she fantasized about being raped and in fact wanted to be raped. Of course I had a secret fantasy of my own, taking Meg to a swing party
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Chapter One If you asked any other guys, they’d tell you she was cute, but nothing special. They’d probably say she was too small, too skinny or too many freckles. Those other guys might point to the plethora of other women around the water park
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My Wife, Her New Friend, An Opportunity. Note: This is a true story. The names and certain personal details have been changed to protect.myself however, the event described below is accurate
We were back in my wife’s hometown for a short vacation and she decided she would like to catch up with a few old friends she hasn’t talked to since high school
Jack was enjoying teaching his all female art class. Half the women were over 60, wealthy widows all, but they seemed to enjoy his instruction and his innocent flirtation. the younger students were typical residents of this elite suburb. Attractive wealthy housewives
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We been living in this neighbour for just over a year and regularly waved to my neighbour she was very good looking. The way you could call her as a perfect wife the girl next door that could never do anything wrong
Debra was looking for a gift to get her husband, Dan, for his birthday. Dan would be turning 30, and she wanted to get him something special. Dan had mentioned all he really wanted was Debra. She decided if she was to be Dan’s present, she should be properly “gift wrapped”
Hello everyone. You can call me ‘Jeff’. I’ll be writing a short introduction so that you can get to know me and understand a little better, why I wrote this, and who I am (Except my real name, location, etc
One frustrating weekend. I was at my desk, making reservations for a trip to Atlanta to attend a weekend seminar, when a woman, Vicki, who does freelance work for me dropped by. We chatted for a little while then she asked what I was doing