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This story is not true. There is no New York State. There is no Department of Correctional Services and they do not have prisons. There is no Judge John Cline and he never sat on the bench in Albany County New York
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sex having saying that this part does have sex in it and btw the person who wrote that comment saying they inpersonate me and harvey when he jacks off your gross! when me and harvey faced the front of the class we listened for about 20 minutes then harvey tapped on his desk to get my attention
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dWARNING: This work of Fiction contains Dark Themes, including Sexual Activity between Man and Boy, between Boy and Man, between Dog and Dog, as well as between Man, Boy And Dog..
It was a hot day at the beach. My mum and dad had gone for a walk and my brother and I were playing in the sand. I had to pee, so I told my brother I was just going up to the bushes on the sand dunes where my dad had just gone before their walk
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Poster's notes This is a series originally posted on Nifty by a friend of mine. On his behalf (because for some reason, he couldn't get an account here), I'm posting it here. He reckons people who read here might like it too
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I recently bought a used police car - equipped with the spotlight and flashing side lights and an old siren with a bunch of wiring thrown in a box in the trunk
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Part2 As I pull away from the curb, I'm feeling very fortunate to have been stopped by the hottest cop I've ever met. And even more fortunate that Josh wanted to have sex with me and did. I'm still pretty horny thinking about our hot sexual encounter
Cock Worshipper – Part 4: Eighteen When I was18 is when I came out to everyone, although no one was surprised and I think I always had that “cocksucker” look about me. It was shortly after I had met a guy named Joey who did gay porn
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New Jock Tales---Freshman Year---The Beginning “Aight---aight----everybody gather round. Come on---move in tite. You cant play football and be afraid to touch somebody. Gentlemen, welcome to Freshman football
This story and the stories to come in this series contain themes of homosexuality. The boys involved are all quite young, some under 16. If this doesn't interest you then stop reading now. For being 14, almost 15, James was a fairly immature person
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As manager of a local convenience store, it is my job to train new employees. Most of the time, it's a drag. But this time, the newbie was just about the cutest high school student I had ever seen. He was 6 ft. tall, brown hair, killer smile, and the deepest brown eyes
When the young Mormons arrived back at their apartment that evening, they hadn’t said a word to each other for the whole bike ride back, except for Seth complaining once that the bike seat hurt his tender bum
Just three minutes to go. Henry’s computer time confirmed the hopeful news the office clock had already told him. He put his coffee cup to his lips—his “blowjob lips”, as Patrick often joked—and sank the final grainy dregs
My friend Joe and I have been friends since preschool, so at this time in our teens, we had grown close and were pretty much like brothers
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Chapter 8 The third day in paradise started like the last two. I was awakened by strange hands spreading my butt cheeks to allow a tongue to probe my deepest regions. I rolled on my stomach keeping my eyes closed. Hands spread my thighs as a body moved between them