Latex fetish
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Where do I start? I guess the beginning is the best place. All my life I have had a strong feeling for rubber, long before I knew anything about sex, but as I grew into puberty it quickly became a sexual fetish
Shelly is sat before a table in a large, dank chamber. She sits upon an ornate leather throne. She is only twelve years old. She is very pretty, with blonde curtains. She wears a tight shirt of thick purple latex. It has been specially prepared for little Shelly by the Master
Chapter Seven Part 1 I've decided instead of one final chapter I'll do it in multiple parts. - Author's note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters as under eighteen years of age despite the obvious sexual naivety of the main characters
It sounded simple enough on the surface: Spend some time over the winter break at the university, make one thousand dollars, and earn six college credits. That was what the advertisement in the school paper said, at least
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental. Contains adult themes. The author does not condone any of the actions depicted in this work
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Part 2
There was a house that was known to throw the best parties in the city. It was far enough out in the countryside to avoid noise complaints, and the house was so large that it might as well be called a small mansion. It could easily hold a hundred people on just the first floor
MARCH 2ND 2007 It had been nearly two weeks since my first session with Mistress Nikki. It had become hard to keep myself busy because all that was ever on my mind was going back there
In the months since my long sordid night with Craig and Daryl my affair with my dads friend Dave had become more intense. He had purposely put me in the position where I had been mistaken for a hooker, and he found the results of his plan deeply arousing
My name is April Dawson and I'm 17. I wouldn't call myself popular but I get by. I'm certainly not at the bottom of the totem pole. Most guys find me attractive but soon discover I'm also a bit strange. My strange collections such as memento mori photographs tend to turn guys off
My name is Ana and I am a slut to my mistress Andrea. I am a stunning 19 with black hair, black eyes, 36B sized brests, a 6 size waist and a shaven pussy. When I was 14 my parents so they could buy a couple bottles of beer
When David was 18 he lost his father. His mother, Heather, was devastated. The plans that were made were scrapped. He felt that he couldn't leave home when she needed him so much. Her son was all she had now. David's 21st birthday fell on a Friday
The leather mother A fantasy only and did not happy feedback welcome Looking back now I feel so dumb, that I did not pick up on the signs earlier. Let me explain. I am Josie a 44 year old divorced mother who had her son late in life
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Halloween, Carmen loved Halloween. It gave her a reason to dress like a slut. This year she wore a pair of pantyhose, a tight black skirt of latex that came up and made somewhat of a top
The birds are singing loud in the trees. As the sky shine bright from the summer sun. The wind rattles the leaves, making soft hustling noises becoming an acoustic for the forest air. “We are close.” Elastigirl said softly