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Phtonus's words scared Cat to her core
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Charles tried to open his eyes, a small groan erupted from his dry throat. Christ what in the hell hit me he thought, feels like I've been hit several times
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Summer gave way to autumn and The Beast’s attitude towards Rose slowly mellowed, although the moments of genuine cordiality between them never quite returned
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Link crouched in the shadowy alley as he watched the hustle and bustle of the bazaar across the street. The hot, sticky air that permeated his hiding place was saturated with the cloying stench of rotting garbage, and other, less pleasant, refuse
Some may remember sitting in a darkened room, watching Rod Serling's “Night Gallery.” Each episode began with an unusual painting, about which Mr
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“Again.” I shout finally able to finish my sentence. I hear gasps from all around me, I look around to see that we are outside the gates to the capital
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If I can claim to specialize in any form of writing at all, it most certainly can not be in writing short pieces/stories (proof: I could have just written ‘I write short stuff’ instead)
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10/6/2000, Friday: 637 pm: IG: Enters toilet. 652 pm: IG: Leaves job site
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I am, depressed but not. A simple logical fallacy, either I am or I am not, a two faced coin of the same question that when flipped will result in one of two answers. Either I am or I am not
The Black Willow 3 ---------------- This part 3 will connect The princess and the Captain and The Black Willow though, I suggest you read the Princess and the captain first
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Zeus's words caused everyone to quiet down and watch for his next move. It was Hermes; however, that stood and moved to the center of the room in front of where I was positioned and began to speak
“I can’t bear anymore of this,” he whispered. A glass of brandy appeared under his nose. Dante took it and drank, trying to forget. “I know, lad. I know. There’s no escape any more. Kage found out it was me who told you where to run to. He… did things to me. Tried to make me tell
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The way of the War I grew up in a small Southeast Texas town, my Father worked in the oil fields. The year is 1930 and we lived rent free in a village of tents. They had build a wooden floor about 8” above the ground then the tents were raised upon them
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Sam picked himself off the ground staring at Mellos. Rubbing the side of his face he thought, ’Damn I actually felt that.’ "What in the hell is your problem?" He asked. "You are, you miserable piece of garbage." Mellos spit out venom at him
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11 FLY HIGH On the way home, Maria and Sonya couldn't stop talking with Jeff about his experience. Roberto, however, didn't say a word. Jeff says his goodbyes quickly, darting into the house. "Mom! I spoke in tongues! I spoke in tongues!" "Slow down, Jeff. Slow down