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Jason had finally grown bored enough with his peaceful life that he decided to destroy it
Summertime Part 1 James always worked as a lifeguard in the summer when he wasn’t in school. He had done so his last few years of high school, now into his first couple years of college. Waiting tables never appealed to him, neither did landscape work
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As she sat alone in her drunken state of mind, Alyssa wondered what Johns reaction was to the text he had just received. He had a girlfriend and she knew that but it wasn't like he didn't cheat on her with other girls
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Somehow Nikki was up first. She DID have an early afternoon flight home. She had arranged for breakfast to be sent up along with enough robes for all of us. I imagine the delivery kid didn't require a tip when he rolled in the tray and saw Cindy and Sandy entwined on the sofa bed
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Chapter One If you asked any other guys, they’d tell you she was cute, but nothing special. They’d probably say she was too small, too skinny or too many freckles. Those other guys might point to the plethora of other women around the water park
Hey, there. Part 6 - “Heart-shaped” If you want more chapters, vote and comment. I’m heavily influenced by what readers think of my stories and how they should follow
As soon as the sun appeared over the horizon, a ray of sunlight hit Logan in the eyes and woke him up. He squinted his eyes and looked at the digital clock on his nightstand. It was 6:08; much too early to rise. He rolled onto his side and covered his head with the thin blanket
Part 3 The next day, I awoke inside a large cage we kept in the basement for Beefy. It was tall, rising to the ceiling, but I was handcuffed low near the ground. The ball gag was gone, but replaced with the cloth bandanna over my mouth. My jaw ached from the ball gag
The smile on her face must have been what gave her away. That, or the slight fidgeting in her chair accompanied by the infrequent glances up from her lap to the front of the room in a poor attempt to look like she was paying attention. Mr
Royal Deviancy King Adrian sighed, his head hanging shamefully as he sat at the foot of his bed. The had just set, it was nearly time for his nightly routine to begin
It wasn’t what I had intended to happen, but even as it was happening I couldn’t imagine it as wrong, and I certainly couldn’t imagine it as putting my in a place like this. It was summer, and despite the fact that it was starting to get dark it was still hot out
School Daze chapter 5 Richard and Linda sat across from each other in Mimi's restaurant sipping their coffee. They were both smiling, recalling how they had spent their morning. Every time Richard yawned, Linda would giggle. "Are you tired?" she asked. "Maybe a little
Margie came in, shaking the rain off herself and closing the door. Track practice had been cancelled for today due to the unexpected torrent of rain so she had ridden the bus home instead of catching a ride with lisa
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My name is Carly. I am 14 years old and as a summer job, I had been cleaning the offices in this building for the last three months. The money was ok and the work wasn't too bad . . . wiping the desks, cleaning the cups, vacuuming the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, etc