Two Teen Lovers Have An Experience Of A Life Time. True Story, Happened To Me. Names Have Been Changed. My first story of this kind, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Should I do a part two?
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Apologies and Other Lies Chapter One The following story is about a young, sixteen year old, woman maturing in an immature world. She sees through most people’s lies and is hoping for a chance at ‘real’ love
When I was twelve years old, my body started changing; I got my period and felt so alone. My mom is so old school that she didn’t talk about it, we went to the store and she bought me some big super absorbent sanitary napkins. And I was told to change them when they got soaked
As I sit here on my porch on this lovely Sunday afternoon, I reflected on my life. A life gone by, so quick and filled with many sweet memories; you see I’m an average town man who lived an average life
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Phtonus's words scared Cat to her core
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Writer’s Comments: Except for the names of cities and numbers of roads being real, this is a completely fictional story. It was originally written as a single short story but it may have been a little long at 47 pages for a single online read
I lay on the black leather sofa, my silky smooth legs over my best friends lap. It was one of those old leather sofa’s that was a little bit worn, but you literally sink in to. It was soo comfortable. Its warm leather and anorectic smell made the whole place homely
------------- Chapter 2: The Sole Purpose ------------- It had been about a year since Katie, Jax, and I saw each other
Milk of Desire By EFon Chapter 3 : She set me up for my first time. I woke up to my mom calling me at my door to get up for school. I woke and wondered if yesterday was real or a dream
Just a bit of a back story to this and details so you can have better visualisation This is a true story of recent events, myself Steven 6foot, athletic build, brown hair and olive skin, 18years old
*IMPORTANT* This is a new account for superkev123, I can no longer access my old one, so I am re-posting all my old ones here, and will also be uploading new ones. Chapter 7 The next day, I decided to just do what he said
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hey all! its your friendly neighborhood juggalo here with the next bit. Now this one is a bit of a doozy because half of it was wrote while i was drunk, so yeah. still the same concept, i'm new to writing and about to run out of ideas so suggestions are wanted
An Unexpected Lucky Encounter Chapter 1 As the raindrops slowly started to fall on the window pane where my head rested, I started to feel a cold chill pass through my temple. This certain day was the shittiest of many similar melancholy weeks
The Masked Affair By M.J Honey August is the most beautiful time of the year. The breeze always feels perfect. It's the time of year in which everything seems to go just right. It could be because I was born in September that I have something to look forward to
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sorry for the wait, i havn't had time :((( hope you like! Faye awoke to the sound of metal of metal, clunks and clashes coming from somewhere in the darkness. Faye sat up and rubbed her eyes. Someone approached the metal bars of her cell