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Two Teen Lovers Have An Experience Of A Life Time. True Story, Happened To Me. Names Have Been Changed. My first story of this kind, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Should I do a part two?



Ellie was the hottest girl in school – in my opinion anyway. She was 15, 5ft 6in and had the perfect figure; nice ass, good size boobs (’d say about a C), beautiful blue eyes, curly blond hair and a slight New Zealand accent. We were best friends, but I’d never be able to tell her my true feelings, that I really did love her. Me, I was also 15, about 5ft 11in, blonde hair, blue eyes and fairly thin.

The story begins when a school trip is announced; a trip to New York for two weeks in June. Myself and Ellie were both straight away keen to go on the trip as we’d never been to New York before, several of our other friends also joined us and there were about 7 in a group of friends.


9th June came and we were all at school with our suitcases, really excited to be going to America. The bus arrived about an hour later and we made our way to Heathrow International Airport.

The flight went fairly quick and on arrival to America we were soon split up into rooms. As we were older we got to choose who we shared with and surprisingly Ellie wanted to stay in a room with me (because her other best friend Rachel wasn’t able to go to America). We asked the teachers and after a quick discussion we were allowed to stay in the same room (as usually girls and boys could not share). We were allowed because each room had two double beds and we were told to stay in our own beds.

The real fun came about 3 days into the trip after we had come back from going round the big brand shops in New York. It was about 8pm and we had had dinner so this was free time to do what we wanted. Us and our group of friends decided to go into Abby’s room and watch a film so we did. At about 11pm we were told that we had to go back to our own rooms, but you didn’t have to sleep if you didn’t want to, so of course staying up was the only option.

It had been a long day and I decided to have a shower, it wasn’t long before I came out of the shower and for the first time in the holiday I came out wearing just underwear and jeans. Ellie was used to this as we’d been swimming together many times before and she continued to watch television, I think it was the news.
Shortly after Ellie switched off the TV, came over and sat with me on my bed. We did this every night and just talked about pretty much anything. One thing we’d never talked about was sex, so it came a surprise when she asked me; “Are you a virgin?”
“Erm, yeah” I replied “Are you?”
“Yeah I am too” she said with a kind of sad look on her face and I was surprised by this answer. Suddenly she sat up and whispered into my ear; “But I don’t want to be”, a cheeky grin on her face appeared.
“Neither do I” I laughed, not sure of what to say.
“Well then, maybe we can sort this dilemma out then”, as she said this she slid her hand over my crotch and onto my leg furthest away from her.
“Ellie” I said “I’ve always had feelings for you”
“I have feelings for you too; I want to be with you”

After a brief silence as we looked into one another’s eyes I reached forward and began to kiss her and her hand returned to my crotch as I held her and we made out passionately.


To Be Continued


Please comment on your thoughts, positive or negative. As I say, this is m first story of this kind and I would appreciate anything you wish to say about it to make the next one even better!


Do you think I should continue and do a part 2?


Is the basic plot good?

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