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Part 3 Jill meets a guy and Lisa teaches Jill a lesson. As always I look forward to your comments or requests. Jill has been working for almost four months now. It's been very busy and getting busier every week
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My eyes snapped open. Her eyes snapped open. I looked down. She looked down. I looked at her womanly legs, her sexy as hell womanly hips, her flat feminine belly and the swelling of her breasts
Author note: The usual caveats apply: All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons is unintended and co-incidental. I would also appreciate any constructive commentary and reviews after you complete this story. Enjoy. ==== My name is Simmons and I am a voyeur
Hi guys! Glad you liked my last story. Here's another. Again, I was 16 at the time, I was 5' 4" 120 lbs, long brown hair, green eyes, ass to die for, I stole my grandma's estrogen pills and started growing boobies, I was now a full b cup
Chapter 11 *** Hi guys and girls. I'm sorry for taking so long to write this installment of my story, but I've been on the run for a couple of years. Some really nasty people closed in and nearly caught me a couple times
John walked over to the bed from the bathroom and bent down to kiss me on the cheek. As he did, I heard him say thank you for last night, it was great. As he turned and walk out of my room, I started to think to myself. I how did this happen to me? I was so glad it did
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Suzy Unleashed Chapter 1 I’ve always had a fondness for women’s clothing, dating back to when I was a young boy. For most of my life, I kept that under control, but, as I got older, the fascination only increased
The forgotten room I had only been on the job for a few months at the massive long-term care facility on the outskirts of one of the largest cities in America. I didn’t really like the job, but for someone out on parole it was steady income that kept the man off my ass (so to speak)
Futanari Pokemorph Adventure. Part one: The Adventure Begins. -Vanville Town- World renowned Rhyhorn rider Grace and her teenage daughter Leona had spent much of the last few days moving into their new home in the Kalos region
I met Cecilia in a wine bar after I had finished playing a classical guitar gig. She had very long jet black hair, oval shaped chestnut brown eyes, and a wide mouth with lush, full, brightly painted red lips
Hi this is Lisa I am a shemale . Now I am going to tell you how it happened . I was the only son of my mom . she was divorced . She loved me a lot . I am little shy so I do not have any friends
th a low sigh, Charlie ran the back of his hand across his forehead, collecting the beads of sweat that the Brazillian heat had gifted to him before wiping his hand on his already quite sodden T-shirt, looking down at his open luggage on the rather meagre single bed with a serious lack of motivation
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Sorry to have been so long in posting this part. I hope to not be so long with the next. If you haven't read the first chapter, I recommend that you do so. Everything rolled long very well the next morning, even though we were an hour late getting there
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Another summer and I was being sent to stay with my uncle and aunt up in Oregon. This was my mom’s brother and another of my parents attempts at making me a “man”
And I was happy to oblige you. First, I carefully covered your eyes with a silk blindfold, tying it securely behind your head and leaving you in the dark, still with no idea of my intentions. Next, I helped you take off your clothing