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LITTLE MOMMA GETS TORE UP:: CHAPTER 2 Witchy Woman had rubbed Big Louies cock all over with “her” breeding salve. This stuff made his already huge cock, inflate and harden to even more swollen rock hard size
Sharing Cindy Chapter 9 Over time Cindy and I began to embrace our new lifestyle. While we love each other and enjoy having sex with each other, we realized how turned on we became when there was some extracurricular activity with outside people
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My wife and I have been married for a good long time. Our sex life is good and satisfying. Before we were married I happened on a book that was supposedly authored by Linda Lovelace. It taught me how to give oral; and, of course, I had to experiment what I learned on my wife
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I have always loved looking at porn, my dad had a huge collection of videos and magazines so it was always easy enough to borrow a film or magazine. These days it’s so easy to watch porn, too easy possibly, but over the years has led me to explore the world of available adult content
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We’d been married for about ten years when I discovered my wife’s secret fantasy, she fantasized about being raped and in fact wanted to be raped. Of course I had a secret fantasy of my own, taking Meg to a swing party
We were back in my wife’s hometown for a short vacation and she decided she would like to catch up with a few old friends she hasn’t talked to since high school
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When I was a teenager living at home with my parents house I was increasingly attracted to our next door neighbour Christine during my teenage years. Unfortunately the following story is only a fantasy as much as I would wish otherwise..
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We been living in this neighbour for just over a year and regularly waved to my neighbour she was very good looking. The way you could call her as a perfect wife the girl next door that could never do anything wrong
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Tammy and I had been working hard the last couple of months. I was gone for weeks at a time in my tractor trailer so we were missing each other a lot. When things slowed down some I was planning a trip to Sarasota for us without talking to Tammy about it
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The four of us were sitting round our dinner table enjoying the last of the wine which my sister, Wendy, and her boyfriend, Brad, had brought as their contribution to the meal. “How the hell am I going to go a month without sex while you are away?”, I asked
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My wife told me she never really had a boyfriend before she was 14 but she did go on alot of dates and partied with alot of guys, mostly giving them handjobs, letting some younger guys finger bang her and touch her tits!
Moms Profitable 2 Jill sat in the kitchen Sunday waiting for her husband Al to arrive. She was still feeling the sexual glow of the Friday and Saturday’s sex succession with Gary and Luther. Evan walked in, “mom I like you better cum soaked then like this”
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This is the beginning of a long story/fantasy that has been twirling around in my head for awhile. Some parts are true, so are embellished. As it goes along, it will become more fantasy and with a lot more interesting twists
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Halloween and the Goblin By rodeotexas November 2012 The young attractive couple, Kate and Dan, had recently purchased the huge old Victorian house. They knew it would be a huge renovation project but have plans to operate it as a bed and breakfast
Sharing Cindy Chapter 27 “Cindy Teases at the Bowling Alley” Back in Chapter 16 (Cindy Fucks the Bartender) I introduced a guy that Cindy met when she worked a Ducks Unlimited event and he happened to be the bartender there