Female and Girl
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Introduction About three years ago, Madame X started filming pornography in her basement. She would typically bring in a girl, tie her up, whip her, strangle her, fuck her, and do whatever else she pleased
New Feelings Entirely fiction! I watched the young middle school girls come in too my room, waiting for me too finish a little work so i could work with them in this after school session. Oh god, the thoughts, my dreaded thoughts
Chapter 2 I see him. My target. My victim. Whatever you want to call it. I’ve been studying him for a week now. I am in the form of a sparrow, flying over his head. He walks into a sandwich shop. I change to my ghost form and follow inside. He is sitting alone, eating a sandwich
Pregnant Sex I was not at all thrilled when my teenage daughter Amelia told me that she thought that she might be pregnant. My wife would kill me! No it’s not my baby! I had a vasectomy after Amelia was born at my wife’s insistence
Last To Know, Chapter 4 When I awoke the next morning my ass was very tender but I had slept better than I expected with my ass filled with the butt plug. I was not able to move very much . Beth was cuddled up tight in front of me and Tammy was spooning on the back side
I’m sitting in the living room waiting for my daddy to get home from work. My name is Jessica and I’m 13 years old. I have that same nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that I always get, even though this is certainly nothing new
The next day, Brie awoke. She groaned to herself, realizing that it was Monday; a new week, and a new day of classes. She tossed around in bed as she attempted to sleep through multiple hits of the snooze button
This is a side, side project and the outline is pretty loosely formed so not sure when i'll put out the next one, but until then, enjoy
The Devil's Pact edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Thirty-Seven: Mary Magdalene Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. Violet Matheson – Tacoma, WA “Leah, Violet, and Desiree, scatter!” Master shouted
copyright: Lesley Tara, 2009 When I was a teenager in a small town in the mid-1970s, lesbianism was something you had heard of in a theoretical kind of way, but there were no openly ‘gay’ (the word was just changing its meaning then) women that one knew of, never mind girls
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My Neighbors Niece I am a 30 year old woman about 110 lbs, 5'6", and with blonde hair that I wear up in a small bee-hive hair-do. I have kept my body in pretty good shape and have really nice 36c's breasts. At the present I don't have a man in my life
The young teenage lovers walked along, arm in arm, kissing and hugging. They stopped and he cupped her fantastic breasts, before kissing her nipples thru the fabric of her cotton top, Dick whispered that he loved her. They moved into a shop doorway in downtown
Warrick was at work and bored out of his mind. After the excitement he had over the weekend, he wished he would have just taken a sick day and had some time to himself to process all the events he had heard about, seen, and done
Forbidden IM The door to the little house, a hut really, was blown of its hinges and flew back into the room with the force of a defensive line man
Training a Young Slave: Connie Becomes Entertaining Please read Training a Young Slave first. Over the next few months, slave Connie became a very good slave for Master Jim and Mistress Dora