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The light slanted as it came in through the high ceilings, natural lighting always made it easier to draw, especially on the days that the sun was strong, as part of the ceiling was glass. The art room at Price Junior College was a pretty, open space with loads of light
AFTER CASE: Man today had me wiped. Why are you wiped Tony? You hardly did anything. Oh I hardly did nothing eh? You Bishop need only remember it was I who tackled you when that nutcase decided to use you for sniper target practice
It was just after 11 P.M. when I finally hung up the phone. The queue for Tier 1 had closed over an hour ago, and they had called clear at 10:15. I was stuck on a call, however. I do over-the-phone technical support. I used to do actual repairs on phones and tablets
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“I'm not sure that you're going to have time to get dry before we get to the service station.” "Yea and as soon as I get out of the car I will be wet again anyway, and not in a good way
Introduction: My true story of me and my girlfriend fucking Let me describe myself for you before I tell about my first sexual encounter. I am 18 and stand at 6'0 weighing 215 lbs. I'm not incredibly fit but I have a nice amount of muscle
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“I asked for two pounds of ham and I want two pounds of ham!” the woman complained. “Not one point nine!” “Sorry, Ma'am.” I replied, putting another slice on the scale, my mind wandering again. Handing the woman her package, I glanced back over at the bakery counter
Laying in bed, crying. Just like any other night. I hated my life. I was constantly bullied, hated. Never accepted. Let me introduce myself, my name is Lucy. I'm 17; I have short blood red hair, blue eyes and a slightly curvy figure. I'm kind of pear shaped so my hips are wider set
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Walking into my room, I looked over my past week and how hectic my life has been. Laying half legged and have body over my bed I sighed
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This is a sequel story to ‘Helping out Claire’. It should be obvious what things are about, but you may want to read the other story first in order to get the whole idea. I thought over and over about what Claire’s punishment should be. I didn’t want to be cruel or hurt her
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The new girls arrived at Immaculate Conception Christian School. These girls would be known by names of Asher and Angel Laufeyson. They were known as the rebellious sisters in this “hell hole” everyone called school
Hey, there. Part 3 - “Mouthed” This is a fictional dark fantasy story that will contain romance and some vanilla parts to it, but mainly consists of blackmail, rape, and violence. I don't condone or partake in any of the actions portrayed here
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Ugh, cheer practices. "Okay, ladies, you’re free to go." Finally. I got up from push-up mode, and head to the showers. I'd had enough of push-ups for a long time. I make my way to one of the showers, and strip myself of my sweaty, disgusting clothes
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Qarinah (قرينة) A succubus story By: Ralph McPherson With help editing by: Clyde McEscher It started in 1992. The meatpacking district of NYC was still just that. There were no hipster dance clubs or hookah bars
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my name is nick i'm 16 years old and i live with my parents in our small apartment in the middle of a big city. we used to have money but then my father developed some 'habits' and we went bankrupt fucking shit heads. i hated my family. i hated my life. that is until i met her
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Ever since i can remember i have had some sort of a biting fetish.. strong women and their teeth have always fascinated me.. When i was 17, i got a girlfriend slightly older than myself who went quite some way to fulfilling my fantasy