Rhoda is a long time friend and neighbor. I've known her and her husband and her daughter Sharon for more than twenty years. They moved into my neighborhood when I was around seven years old. Sharon had just been born
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Hello, my name is Gwen. My late husband and I used to enjoy reading the adventures and stories on this site. We didn't partake but we enjoyed reading them enormously, thank you all
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Brynn awoke with dizzying thoughts and questions. The night before had been unexpected and he wasn’t sure what to think. He loved his times with Gilbert but now felt despair that the older man might have changed his mind. It was surprising how quickly it had come about
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My name is Ashley. I never thought I had it in me to become an escort but sometimes you have to do things you never thought you would do to succeed in life. Even selling, or giving my services every now and then to keep up with bills
There will be many more parts…this is a true long erotic story of incest My ladies: Renee: A 46 year old mother of three children. She didn’t give birth to them, they were “ test tube children.” Her oldest son Andy is one of my closest friends and he is 15 years old
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After my wife died, I sank into a kind of funk. Some people would call it depression. Family and friends tried to help. They brought me meals and found activities to invite me to attend
I didn't how my husband felt about Josh. He said he had enjoyed watching the show, but he never actually said anything about Josh. The next day I received a glimpse into his feelings. Josh turned up at the house at around three in the afternoon. My husband opened the door
School Daze chapter 5 Richard and Linda sat across from each other in Mimi's restaurant sipping their coffee. They were both smiling, recalling how they had spent their morning. Every time Richard yawned, Linda would giggle. "Are you tired?" she asked. "Maybe a little
It had been a very long day and evening. Being an assistant principal at a high school all day is draining enough. Add supervising a spring dance to the day’s workload and I was more than ready to call it a day, or a week for that matter
Fbailey story number 253 Topless Tuesday My interview was on a Friday
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Ted and I laid back on the bed, both of us sighing in pleasure at once. I cozied up and laid my hand across his belly; he moved his hand so he was holding my soft but happy dick. I moved my hand down to hold his manhood
This is a bit of an involved story. It is broken up into three sections. If you have the time you should start from the beginning. If you are a little pressed for time I suggest you jump to chapter three
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A visit to the gynecologist is not most women's idea of a great time. For some of my friends, those trips are a source of anxiety and fear
It began when I was twelve years old; my father left us to be with another woman, and my mom submersed herself in drugs and alcohol. It was like she had given up altogether
I woke up early, got out of my room (witch was really more of a closet) and begin with my shores around my mistress house. Picking up things, making her breakfast, and becoming the living room. I love doing my mistress chores