*Click* Hi *Click* Hi *Click* Over and over. Another night I'm spending on Omegle trying to find a girl to strip for me. But no luck whatsoever
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LITTLE MOMMA GETS TORE UP:: CHAPTER 2 Witchy Woman had rubbed Big Louies cock all over with “her” breeding salve. This stuff made his already huge cock, inflate and harden to even more swollen rock hard size
It was a hot day at the beach. My mum and dad had gone for a walk and my brother and I were playing in the sand. I had to pee, so I told my brother I was just going up to the bushes on the sand dunes where my dad had just gone before their walk
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As I walked inside our front door, I heard Francine call from the kitchen, “Darlin’, we have company.” I went to the kitchen doorway and saw a tall redheaded woman sitting at the table with Francine. “Darrell, meet my sister in law Norma,” Francine introduced us
Rhoda is a long time friend and neighbor. I've known her and her husband and her daughter Sharon for more than twenty years. They moved into my neighborhood when I was around seven years old. Sharon had just been born
Eventually I graduated, got a job, and we moved to where the money was. I had a good job, but I had to start out working the graveyard shift – midnight to noon. We rented a house in a semi-rural area at the edge of town. The house had pasture behind and to one side
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Rare Lascivious English Classic. this is a book written by an English gentleman of considerable wit, command of language, and an imagination of Rabelaisian order
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My eyes snapped open. Her eyes snapped open. I looked down. She looked down. I looked at her womanly legs, her sexy as hell womanly hips, her flat feminine belly and the swelling of her breasts
The Masked Affair By M.J Honey August is the most beautiful time of the year. The breeze always feels perfect. It's the time of year in which everything seems to go just right. It could be because I was born in September that I have something to look forward to
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Stuart: Christmas week in Texas I’ve had a month to digest it and I’ve heard every way it was looked at but I still have trouble coping with the simple fact that I helped kill a man
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My sister Cindy and my two nieces had had arrived last week to spend their Christmas break at my house. I promised Cindy a very special present; and I told Kerriann and Carlene that their favorite cousin was living with me. Sharon was delighted to hear they were coming
Author note: The usual caveats apply: All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons is unintended and co-incidental. I would also appreciate any constructive commentary and reviews after you complete this story. Enjoy. ==== My name is Simmons and I am a voyeur
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It's Good to be King Chapter 3 The end of the day was welcomed by me alone. I felt creepy all over. I had to explain to the whole gathering of women something that, under normal circumstance, would've been explained by their parents decades ago
Her day had already been full of fun and it wasn't even noon yet. She stretched and massaged her freshly wasted brown curls. She brought a cup of fresh coffee to her red lips, sipping in the dark brew
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Fbailey story number 782 Best Friend’s Wife Jim and I had been friends since high school. I was his best man at his wedding and he was my best man at my wedding. Unfortunately my marriage didn’t last very long