Only twenty words were spoken. Twenty words that would change her life forever, and also the way they saw each other. It started off distant and professional, him just taking what he wanted
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So um little warning, this part of my uh tale? I guess tale is right word, um is a little darker. Sorry but it’s true, not too dark just, I was going through many emotions the day after. I awoke the morning after feeling like I had slept for days
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Part2 As I pull away from the curb, I'm feeling very fortunate to have been stopped by the hottest cop I've ever met. And even more fortunate that Josh wanted to have sex with me and did. I'm still pretty horny thinking about our hot sexual encounter
She was an avid beach-goer which gave the sun time to turn her pale complexion to very tan. The ocean reflected in her blue eyes and the sun shone in her deep red hair. She was a tad short and a good deal on the heavy side
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Phtonus's words scared Cat to her core
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Brynn awoke with dizzying thoughts and questions. The night before had been unexpected and he wasn’t sure what to think. He loved his times with Gilbert but now felt despair that the older man might have changed his mind. It was surprising how quickly it had come about
Seize the Day part 2 Weeks after our first encounter you come by for another visit. During dinner my wife asks if you want to stay the night and I look down at my plate suddenly feeling embarrassed and ashamed. You smile at her ignoring me and say, that would be nice
When the young Mormons arrived back at their apartment that evening, they hadn’t said a word to each other for the whole bike ride back, except for Seth complaining once that the bike seat hurt his tender bum
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Misty Walker answered the phone before her mother could get it. She was sixteen, but she acted as if she was an adult, or at least she liked to think so. “Hello?” she said. Her mother looked at her. “Who is it?” she asked. “This is she
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First, let me introduce you to the main character…Natalie Kosher. Natalie is 15 years old, she has strawberry blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. She stands 5’4 and is slim, athletic built. Her breasts are size 34, perfectly shaped, and she has ass, perfect ass
Hey, there. Part 6 - “Heart-shaped” If you want more chapters, vote and comment. I’m heavily influenced by what readers think of my stories and how they should follow
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hey all! its your friendly neighborhood juggalo here with the next bit. Now this one is a bit of a doozy because half of it was wrote while i was drunk, so yeah. still the same concept, i'm new to writing and about to run out of ideas so suggestions are wanted
New Feelings Entirely fiction! I watched the young middle school girls come in too my room, waiting for me too finish a little work so i could work with them in this after school session. Oh god, the thoughts, my dreaded thoughts
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The Lynda Chronicles Chapter 1. Beginnings It was recess and the girl standing in front of John Ryan's desk was obviously nervous; she was wringing her hands and biting her bottom lip. 'So, Lynda,' he asked
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Halloween and the Goblin By rodeotexas November 2012 The young attractive couple, Kate and Dan, had recently purchased the huge old Victorian house. They knew it would be a huge renovation project but have plans to operate it as a bed and breakfast