Males and Females
Amelia stirred, stretched a little, wrinkled her nose and then sleepily opened an eye, she was wet, she realised, she was lying on the floor, a cold hard floor, soaking wet and the smell told her it was not clean water, she gagged and almost threw up, she tried to stretch further and their was a clinking of iron chains and her leg was suddenly stopped from moving any further.
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The Chauffeur (#61) A Shooting By PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 CHAPTER 1 It had been several weeks since we have heard of the Russian guys as well as Horowitz and his band of criminals. However, Dakota kept a log in her journal of any issues, even if they were not confirmed
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Em It is 1823. In Lancashire England. “Look I would rather die than marry Archie Cuthbole,” Cousin Emily said forcibly after dinner one evening. “Em, you have no fortune, you have little choice,” I explained in my “big Brother” role, “He is a worthy suitor
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The four of us were sitting round our dinner table enjoying the last of the wine which my sister, Wendy, and her boyfriend, Brad, had brought as their contribution to the meal. “How the hell am I going to go a month without sex while you are away?”, I asked
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I arrived home from a business trip late on Tuesday night. Sally, my wife, had left my bedside light on but she was already in bed, asleep. I stripped off, I always sleep naked, and crawled into bed, glad to be home
The Osaka Riders of Glorious Youth by Vincent Part 2 "Well, look at the two little lover birds." I rolled over and opened my eyes. Sakura was scowling down at us with arms crossed. I still had mine wrapped around Aiko, spooning her naked body
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Just before my 16th birthday I invited some friends over for a pool party – included were our neighbours. Secretly I was in love with the husband from next door. He and his wife had lived there for about 6 months and they were the sexiest couple I have ever known
1. Sangeeta & Angela Random Guy Sangeeta was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, listening to Angela fucking some guy she’d found in the bar that they’d visited that evening
Dip. Swish. Dip. Swish. Jenny and Priya plunged their paddles in the water trying to catch up. Jenny had insisted on stopping their canoe to pick some blueberries and now the other canoes were out of sight
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FOR KIMMIE, MY SLUT part 1 It was another hot day in our California beach town situated just south of Carmel. My home was not far from the beach but although I lived here for the last 23 years, it was hardly the home it used to be
lite Jinn working with Marie Qaseem - Jake and Sheeka’s baby Tilda - Jake and Nyrae’s baby Tanaya - Jake and Rashala's baby Aaliyah - Jake and Amira's baby ---------- It had been two weeks; two weeks that Zahra had been fighting her mirror twin
The Triad and the Gorgon's Hypnotic Gaze Chapter Three: Serpentine Passion By mypenname3000 Fiona – Dev-Lek, The Kingdom of Haz Euryale hissed at my rejection of her love. Her serpent-like hair writhed about her, their tongues flicking as she loomed over me
Class Reunion - Each with each It was supposed to be a class reunion as always and no one would have a syllable itself presented what happened that night. They met at the train station. There were not all come
Wigi wigi wild wild west! -Digimon lemon for Iceflame 88's contest by MISTER BIG T After MISTER BIG T made the Bam bam shiga wang lemon, AIDS (All Intelligent Digimon Servants) got angry from it, saying a vampire becoming a Digi emperor was not cool
My and my buddies get together once or twice a year to trap and fuck some unsuspecting bitch. We’ve never been caught in 15 years because we’re real good at it. We’re professionals! We take turns locating a suitable victim and then we spend lots of time researching and planning