Teen Male and Teen Female
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No institution or agency may use this work for other than the intended purpose – to provide personal entertainment. All characters are fictional. This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy
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Apologies and Other Lies Chapter One The following story is about a young, sixteen year old, woman maturing in an immature world. She sees through most people’s lies and is hoping for a chance at ‘real’ love
Sharing Cindy Chapter 9 Over time Cindy and I began to embrace our new lifestyle. While we love each other and enjoy having sex with each other, we realized how turned on we became when there was some extracurricular activity with outside people
Rachael could feel her cheeks getting warmer and weirdly enough it was not from heat of the campfire she was sitting around alongwith three of her best guy friends.It was because of the question that one of them had asked
Karen and I were together as an item for most of that first semester. She broke up with me after Christmas, saying she wanted to see other people, and we drifted apart after that
I woke up early in the morning, before Kristy, looking over at her. I lay back down, knowing I couldn't sleep, but figuring I might as well be comfortable while I think. I start to think of what happened last night, what Keenan and I did
It was still early in the day. I asked Jimmy and Ian what they had planned for the day. They were still in a daze from the sex that was had. They said whatever we wanted. I looked at the girls and they just smiled. I moved over by Jimmy and started stroking his thicker cock
*IMPORTANT* This is a new account for superkev123, I can no longer access my old one, so I am re-posting all my old ones here, and will also be uploading new ones. Chapter 7 The next day, I decided to just do what he said
All great fiction has some truth. I was just an above average person in what I thought was a below average high school (My name's Lucas by the way)
An Unexpected Lucky Encounter Chapter 1 As the raindrops slowly started to fall on the window pane where my head rested, I started to feel a cold chill pass through my temple. This certain day was the shittiest of many similar melancholy weeks
Hello readers. If this is your first chapter of Potentail, I encourage you to start from chapter 1. You'll enjoy it more that way. I know it has taken a ridiculous amount of time to post these chapter, but I swear, I'm going as fast as I can
Ever since we've lived in town there was one house way down the end of Montague Street that we avoided. Of course kids told stories about it being haunted. It was an old Victorian house, not exactly a mansion, but two stories and an attic
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sorry for the wait, i havn't had time :((( hope you like! Faye awoke to the sound of metal of metal, clunks and clashes coming from somewhere in the darkness. Faye sat up and rubbed her eyes. Someone approached the metal bars of her cell
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It was Sunday the last day of July. I had just gotten home from my friends Tim’s house and walked into my room. I immediately noticed that my dresser wasn’t backed ageist the wall and my secret stash of Playboys where gone
Jay and Amy part 2 So a couple things before you guys read, I do write for fun. And to the people who don’t get it, Jay does talk like a caveman, he doesn’t like to pronounce the entire word and he likes to skip over unnecessary words. It’s not bad grammar, it’s how he talks