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When the young Mormons arrived back at their apartment that evening, they hadn’t said a word to each other for the whole bike ride back, except for Seth complaining once that the bike seat hurt his tender bum
It was still early in the day. I asked Jimmy and Ian what they had planned for the day. They were still in a daze from the sex that was had. They said whatever we wanted. I looked at the girls and they just smiled. I moved over by Jimmy and started stroking his thicker cock
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Friday, September 3, 2005 Hunter wanted to jack me off again in the locker room, but I suggested we wait until class. I wouldn't want to disappoint our audience two days in a row. We made our way to the classroom and sat down on the desk
SHUT UP AND SUCK ME PT. 1 Lorcan had move to the small town of Wolf Creek three months ago with his mom. He has a few friends, but they didn’t know that he had a secret, not even his mom knew about it. Lorcan is a gay fifteen year old boy; he has long blonde hair and a swimmers body
Several months had passed since our first time together in Florida and Adam and I were still as close as ever. We still hungout almost daily and screwed around almost as often. His room was down in the basement and we spent every second playing with each other
Im Tistan and Im19 years old and I discovered sex with my twin brother, Taylor. Heres how it happened and developed with us. Growing up we were inseparable. If you saw one of us you saw us both
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This is a fairly typical story, but I hope the details and realistic penis sizes set it apart from similar ones on this site. This contains incest between minors, so if you don't like this kind of story, by all means, stop reading now and finish watching Twilight
the legal age where i live so don't come crying to me if its not your cup of tea, although if it is exactly what you came here for then by all means happy wanking :D I thought about the offer, it wasn’t what I wanted at all, I looked into his deep blue eyes and remembered how all this began
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We were both in the same year at school, and at the age of 15 both glad to be able to do our own thing for a while. Of course, being England, the heat brought along with it the rain. It was during one of these storms the story really starts
“wake up…” I heard a voice say gently then I felt something warm and wet against my mouth. “mmm…” I moaned turning on my stomach pulling the pillow that was underneath me closer. “fine if you won’t wake up then I’ll….” the voice said then I feel a wonderful sensation in my ass
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I'm Christian. I'm your typical 15 year old - clean wavy hair, growing pubes, and horny all the time. I also happen to be the biggest fan of Stranger things (you know, that netflix show everyone is talking about). Because of that show that I realized I was gay
©StannieStories Please let me know what you think, I really like getting messages from you guys! Don't drink if you're underaged! *** Arghh, I hate mr. Arlok. What a douchebag. Like, why would he say those things about Rick
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Hello! Thank you for clicking on this story. A few notes: This is a setup for a larger series. This series will have a lot of plot once it truly gets rolling, so if you're just looking for a quick wank, this might not be the place for you
He laid me on the bed and knelt over me, our tongues probing each other’s mouths but I’d had enough, I wanted his gorgeous 9 incher in my mouth, I knew how good it tasted
Loving everything about this, guys :) There are some references to Halloween in here, because I intentionally planned to release this chapter near the day XD However, in later chapters, I might fast forward to Christmas season etc