Natural Born Slut Laura started her career as a slut at the age of 13 in the backseat of an old Chevy with a guy she'd just met. Well three guys actually, and they'd picked her up as she walked down the street
Heather awoke on this Friday morning ready to begin her daily routine. The 21 yr old beauty had her usual breakfast of juice, fruit and a toasted muffin. She then put hair back into a short pony tail and got into her jogging suit and shoes for her usual run
Story codes: M/f, snuff, necro, rom, nc-cons, supernatural Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, to be read only by individuals aged 18 or above. The events depicted herewith are fantasy and do not reflect real world events in any way
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Emily wong switched on her flashlight. She couldn't believe she was here nor what she was looking at. She was just driving to her dig site when she spotted something black in the sands
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I had just turned 18. I was the youngest and the rest of my siblings had moved out. I was about to graduate high school. My dad was often gone on work trips and I was left home with mother. A loving and beautiful woman. Even after 6 kids her body was sexy
Part 1 Kelly was a creature of habit. Everyday at six AM she would don her jogging sweats and make the trek down the path behind her apartment. But little did she know that this day this fine summer morning was to be her last
Most of that summer passed without me seeing Barbara again. I tried to keep myself from trying to meet up with her again, but every 2 or 3 days I could not resist visiting our “shack” hoping to meet her
Late 2018 Mike Pompeo arrived in Beijing on a special kind of vacation reserved to the men of his status and connections, which needless to say were numerous and well maintained
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Horror Hotel Wonderful Dream turns to erotic nightmare “check into horror hotel this place is creepy and it's somber too and a little vampira wrapped on my neck
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COLLECTION The receptionist glanced at Zora’s documents and stamped her register then reached back without looking to pass her the room key. “Wake up call?” she asked, brightly. “I will be leaving in the small hours.” Zora replied. “That’s why I’m paying in advance”
Bloated green you came, Gas and water I removed Asleep, you look now The next case occurred in 2004. I have long since taken over the job of chief embalmer at the company after Mr M retired sometime in the early 1990s
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A chill ran up Leeroys spine as he looked over and saw his dog laying by the fire. Peppy, her name was, she was a cat. He loved his dog, and everyday feed her well. This morning he had feed her an extra large bowl of dog biscuits, and dog roll
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Norm stood back to admire his work. Clarissa lay in her satin lined casket, dressed in her white silk gown. Her hands, folded at her waist held a single rose. Her dark hair was draped gracefully about her shoulders, framing her peaceful face
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I loved this girl. I loved to fuck her and I loved to imagine we would be together forever in every clichéd way possible; but deep down I knew she was nothing but a whore, and I a john
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--------------- Victim – Chase Cervera Age – 22 Date of Birth – November 3, 1989 ----------------- “Wake up, Chase