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Sexy Thick Nurse It had been a few months since I tragically lost the love of my life and I was feeling very down and lonely, as is typical in these situations, when a friend of mine, Casey, stopped in unexpectedly for a brief visit on her way home from the hospital
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Well where do I begin? I was your average kid I'd say, kept to myself alot for whatever the reasons. I was short for my age about 5'6 and a 135 lbs with a 24-26 waist. Lots of brown hair, not hippie long but I guess you would say like skater hair. haha
To Catch a Playa This is my fourth story. Comments are very much appreciated for this one as well as the other three
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Every Friday evening I used to go to my local Asian massage parlor. It was nothing derogatory just relaxation and a good rub down after a weeks work. One particular Friday that all changed
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TOP 10 SIGNS YOUR FAMILY IS STRESSED 10. Conversations often begin with "Put the gun down, and then we can talk". 9. The school principal has your number on speed-dial. 8. The cat is on Valium. 7
Chapter 31 PORN PARTY Friday night was the porn party Claire had scheduled. She had only just got off the plane that afternoon, her body soaked in sweat, her pussy dripping, and a sheen of semen still shining on her tits
Having been deemed the least worthy of all the Harem, the conquering Sultan hadn’t disposed of us as he had the others
DISCLAIMER #1: All sexual acts in this story occur between adults over the age of 18. DISCLAIMER #2: Themes of this story revolve largely around humiliation, black mail, and voyeurism. If you are not interested in these themes, please do not read
“So,” Caleb said as they walked out of the movie theater with the large crowd of people. “How did you like the movie?” “I thought it was great!” Ashley giggled. “I’m so glad I got to see it with you, I wouldn’t have wanted to see it any other way
Liz and I moved Lindsey into our spare bedroom after she sold her home. The sale made it possible to pay off her bum of a husband and bank enough money to cover the birth of her and my baby. There was a connection between my wife and sister long before she came to live with us
Such Good Friends The Bus Ride Teeny and Carla and thirteen other girls on the school soccer team had just finished loading the bus for a trip to a neighboring town to play a soccer game when a car pulled up in front of them, partially blocking the bus
Several years ago my sister, Joanna, went off to some university to become a lawyer, but because she partied too much and didn't put in enough effort, her grades slipped and she was eventually expelled from school. That meant only one thing..
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I've always been a heavy drinker and I tend to just pass out on the bed. One night I came in and sort of passed out halfway on the bed on my stomach with my butt and legs hanging off the bed
“Good evening. Is this Ms. Croft I'm speaking to?” “That's correct.” “Wonderful to hear from you again! What can we do for you this evening?” “I'm at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Mariana Square. Room 1612. I'd like some company for the evening.” “Very good, Miss
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CAMPING TRIP I was out of breath and sweating; everywhere on my body was aching and millions of thoughts flew around and tumbled in my head. My sister was below me, her entire body covered in a thin layer of sweat, leaving a glow to her skin when the evening sun beamed down on her