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Well where do I begin? I was your average kid I'd say, kept to myself alot for whatever the reasons. I was short for my age about 5'6 and a 135 lbs with a 24-26 waist. Lots of brown hair, not hippie long but I guess you would say like skater hair. haha. I had just average clothes, never got into the popular namebrands….jeans and a tee kinda kid. Had a small frame and didn’t really realize at the time but apparently I had a great butt. Not like a ghetto booty that you see on rap videos that are explosively wide and fat, mine filled out just enough, perfect curve. Shorts and sweatpants really showed it off….I noticed this when I would change for bed….but it’s whatever. It wasn’t that important….I thought.
School was finally out for the summer. Next year highschool. Couldn't wait to just go hang out, wandering and exploring. I love do that kind of stuff. I lived in a nice neighborhood with my parents but being your typical 18 yr old.I had chores and we had a huuuge backyard that I got to cut every weekNeedless to say I didn't get the amount of free time that I wanted.
On one particular weekend, I decided to walk thru my neighborhood to the highschool I would never see again haha, other side of the subdivision there was a somewhat open field and a not so wide gravel trail which led up to the old elementary school. I had to walk past it in order to cross the main street and proceed to the highschool. I was always somewhat curious about that old school mostly beacause it was such a unique design, A large domed courtyard with sort a concrete pit in the very center (a lot of skaters and taggers had covered it in graffitti). Surrounding that, was the classroom buildings. It was actually a very large building. I had walked past it several times over the last 4 years and periodically would stop in the dome area and check to see if a door was open, there weren’t. As I said earlier, I’m an explorer….love checking out abanded houses and so forth. It was sort of a rush I spose. My friend liked to remind me that I need to be careful because people live in some of these house and you just never know what might be in one of these buildings….As usual, I dismissed him. Never thought he would be right.
Beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon on this day. Had a free day, no yardwork, no nothing. 82 degrees out., Couldn’t believe how nice it was so I had was walking and biking anywhere and everywhere I could think of. Had a blue wife-beater and some blue bb shorts on with my flip flops….loved it. Throughout my travels I found my way in the area of that old elementary school again. I was feeling unusually brave today and said “fuck it”! I’m gonna get in this building today! I rode up to the dome arena haha. That’s pretty much how it looked. Got off my bike and walked around, wasn’t there even 15 minutes before I saw a shadow of a guy. Not sure if it was real or my imagination but I didn’t concern myself with it and continued to search for an unlocked door. A few more minutes had gone by and I realized what I had seen wasn’t a shadow. A black guy had emerged from behind one of the concrete columns that supported the dome. Now…my mother being a borderline racist, I didn’t have a lot of contact with the black community, the people I had seen were nowhere near as dark skinned as this guy, like african black. Normal looking enough….about 6’ I would guess about 170lbs, say 32-34 waist. He was well built, not body builder but toned, good sized arms, flat stomach, buzzed hair, no facial hair, etc. but goofy me still couldn’t get over how dark he was. Didn’t look bad, just different . He was also in a white wife-beater and a pair of gray sweats. He looked at me and I was looking back at him. This went on for about a minute before he spoke “What up”? he asked. I said “nothing, just checking out the building”. “Trying to get in”? he asked. I said “Yeah”. “I know a way you can get in, there’s a door that was pryed open” he said. I asked jokingly if he was the one who “pryed “ it open, he laughed and said “no”. As I walked over towards him I noticed he was looking me up and down, didn’t smile or anything. As I got closer he turned and we walked towards this door which was hidden a little bit hence why I couldn’t find it. I noticed though as were walking he fell back a bit and was walking someone what behind me. Ya ever get that burning feeling that you’re being watched? I turned around to see him and he looked at my eyes which tells me he wasn’t looking at my head before I turned. I sort of regretted wearing the shorts I had on because they did fill out but I didn’t let that concern me and I continued on with him.
We got to the door and he opened it for me. I paused for a min and asked “have you been in here before”? He said “ oh hell yea, that’s how I knew there was a way in.” It was dark and there were some folded tables against the wall. I proceded to walk further in, and I heard the door close. “Why are you closing the door?” I asked. “Don’t want nobody knowing were in here ya know?” I said ok and proceded. Realizing quickly that with his complexion, I could hardly see him. He was trailing behind me most of the time, we walked around for awhile, checking out classrooms and other areas little bit of chit-chat with each other as well. He asked how old I was and I asked the same of him. “26” he said. We ended up in a fairly large classroom I believed it to be more towards the center/back of the school with a few desks and this huge old teachers desk. It wasn’t much to look at and I became bored quickly. I knew I was going to explore so I had a penlight with me that I ended up dropping while I was in that room. I bent down to pick it up and I heard “DAMN!”
I immediately stood up and swung around and looked at him. He was looking at me when I said “what”? He asked again my age, I told him and he says “How you end up with a booty like that”? I was surprised he had asked this and I told him I didn’t know and laughed a bit. I had noticed his attitude seem to change a bit. We were in the room for another minute when I turned towards him saying I was ready to go when I saw something about his build was different. I noticed immediately the outline of his dick was starting to show in shorts. It wasn’t rock solid but it was making an appearance. I realized right then my butt was a lot nicer than I thought. He noticed my stare and said “what”? Before I could answer he looked down and smiled, “yeah, it likes your booty. Bet you ain’t seen nothing this big”? He was right, I hadn’t and wasn’t interested. I didn’t really know what to say I just knew I wanted out. I said “ok well, thanks for showing me around.” He replied with “aw but you ain’t shown me nothing” I knew what he wanted to see and I wasn’t having that. “Yeah sorry” I mumbled. “Well aren’t you gonna thank me for showing you?” “I just did” I said. He said “No no a different kind of thank you.” I kept walking towards the classroom door as I said no. When all of a sudden he grabbed my right arm with his right and with his left hand grabbed a handful of my hair, pulled me away from the door and slammed me up against the wall! I immediately freaked the fuck out, he was holding me tight and he was pressed up against me. I could feel his dick, rock hard against my ass. “Naw boy, I’m telling you, you’re gonna thank me the right way.” He ran his hand over my ass above my shorts. “Dat ass feels real phat. “Look, I’m not gonna hurt you, you just need to do what I want and you can go ok.?” I asked “what do you want?” He replied “Turn around and get on your knees. If you try and run, then I’m gonna hurt you.” I soooo did not want to do this but I did as he requested and was on me knees in front of his now solid cock, still in his shorts. It looked enormous! He reached into his shorts and pulled it out, as he did he smacked my nose with the head of it. “You ain’t seen nothing this big huh?” “No” I replied. “Yeeeaah, 10 inches baby boy.” 85 degrees outside felt like 100 in this room. He was sweaty….as was I. A scent I didn’t recognize filled the air, scared out of my mind and fearful of what would happen if I didn’t comply. I knelt there waiting for him. He grabbed my hair and pushed his cock at my lips and said “open up!” The scent was his crotch area, their natural smell apparently. I did and he pushed his head in my mouth, told me to wrap my lips around it and keep em closed. I complied as he pushed more and more in. I quickly started to gag and he yelled at me to keep it in my mouth. I heard him start sighing and he had both hands on my head pushing only about 3 inches in but I couldn’t help it and started coughing and said “YEEEAAH! Gag fucker, choke on this nigga dick.” With that he pushed more in. I almost puked and pushed him away, got his dick out of my mouth and without any warning he back-handed me across my face. “WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY BITCH?” He grabbed my hair again and jammed even more of his huge cock into my throat. By this time I was crying while he’s sliding his meat in and out of my mouth. He started thrusting faster and faster, he pulled out of my mouth really quick and smacked me in the face with it. “You like sucking this black dick huh little boy huh? Answer me!” I stupidly said no and he hit me again with his cock and the back of his hand till I finally said yes. It only was slow for a few minutes before he really started slamming it in and out. I was still crying and he told me to shut the fuck up or he was really gonna give me something to cry about. He had a steady rhythm going, then he grabbed my hair even tighter “Your mouth feels so fucking good boy but I know that phat pussy is gonna be the bomb.” Tighter and tighter he held my hair and he started grunting, then moaning, then literally yelling, pulled my head towards him shoved more cock in my mouth, he was damn near screaming at me to swallow all my nut little fucker…every fucking drop and he yelled out once more and unloaded all he had in my mouth grunting and moaning the whole time. He continued to yell asp me to swallow “Don’t spit it out bitch or you gonna get hit again!” I gulped it down and was totally grossed out, it was salty and nasty as hell.
“Good boy, now stand up.” As I began to stand my legs were trembling and his cock was still hard, just as big. I couldn’t help but stare at it then I looked up at him.
He just looked at me and said “turn around.” I immediately started crying and begged him to let me go home. He said “naw boy, I ain’t done yet and you know what I want” Still sobbing I begged him again to just let me go. He ignored my pleas and said flat out “Turn around or I’m gonna do it for you.” Again sobbing, all I could think was what he wanted to do was really gonna hurt but it was gonna hurt more if I didn’t do what he said. He slapped me and said “last chance boy” I wasn’t looking at him, I was looking down and all I could see was that 10 inch monster protruding straight out and that he was itching to bury it into my hole.
He slapped me again and said “I’m not playing games with you boy, are you gonna turn around?” I just stood there. He grabbed my hair and pulled me away from the wall, spun me around and slammed me up against it with my ass facing him. I started crying. “Shutup!” He stood up against me rubbing my ass, yanked my shorts and my underwear down, running his hands all over me…squeezed my cheeks a couple times. “mmmm mm boy your pussy is driving my dick crazy.” I couldn’t do anything except sob lightly so he wouldn’t hit me again. “Don’t worry, I’ll go slow.” He got down on his knees and buried his face between my buns. I could feel his tounge against my hole getting it wet and slobbing all over it. He slide his tounge up and down my buns, while he was doing this I looked down between my legs and started crying again. His cock looked like it got bigger. He stood up and pressed himself against me and I could feel his cock rubbing up against my cheek to my hole. He spit on the head of his cock and rubbed my hole with the head and started to push.
At first I didn’t feel anything until….he grabbed my cheeks, pulled them apart and sunk his cockhead into my tight asshole. I started to scream and cry and he was just saying “YEAAHH, YEAAAH gonna open up that pussy.” He started slow like he said….little by little forcing more and more of that huge cock into me. I couldn’t handle it, I felt dizzy, nautious, scared. He was talking in my ear telling me to open my legs wider, stick my butt out towards him. I couldn’t stop crying and groaning, he said “aww what’s the matter boy? Im not even in all the way.” That just made me cry more. He took my hand and placed on his cock so I could feel how much of it wasn’t in me. There was A LOT! He didn’t have lube and he said I was unbelievably tight. “Don’t worry though, Im gonna force my way inside you.” I can’t begin to tell you the amount of fear that was flowing thru me. I firmly believed that the way he was currently fucking me was not going to stay that way.
His momentum was starting to build but he was becoming increasingly frustrated because of how tight my hole was. I could feel it….based on the grunts he was making and how tight he was holding onto me. It was gonna get worse….and it did. He yelled and pulled me away from the wall, pulling out his cock, he dropped to his knees, spit in my hole again and he let go of me long enough, I grabbed my underwear, pulled it up and tried to run. My shorts were already off and I just gonna leave them. I had to get away from this nigga and his dick. Didn’t make to the door in time, he grabbed me and said “Where the fuck you going, I ain’t done with dat ass.” He pulled me back towards him, had me by hair and as he walked me towards the teachers desk he kept spanking my butt. Threw me down so hard my head hit the desk, bent over it. He kicked my legs apart, grabbed my cheeks over my underwear and ripped it open and completely off. “I’m not playing with you no more bitch.” He got in the proper stance behind me, spit in my hole again and aimed his cock at my little boy star. “You bout to get fucked and it’s gonna fuckin hurt!” He pushed his head in and just kept forcing every inch. The first 3 inches didn’t hurt….as much because I already had them, but he just kept jamming the rest into me. Once he past those 3 inches, I started screaming…literally screaming. My underwear was on the desk, he grabbed them…ripped them apart and wrapped them over my mouth and around my head as a gag he could hold onto to. “Your mine now little boy, I’m gonna rip this phat assed pussy apart!” I’m not sure how much time went by, had to have been at least 2 hours. He just didn’t stop and didn’t care what he did to me. He repeatedly spanked my ass so much the slaps made cry harder. I cried out your hurting me, “you said you would go slow.” He said flat out “I lied. This is gonna hurt like hell little boy.” He powerfucked me over and over and over again. Slammed those 10 inches all the way inside me then would pull half way out and go balls deep all over again. I think I blacked out at some point, when I came to he was starting to cum. Moaning and grunting and he yelled as I could feel his massive load explode inside of me. He grabbed my hair, yanked my head and screamed at me to tell him to fuck me! I wouldn’t and he yanked harder and thrust his cock until I was crying out in searing pain. “SAY IT!” “SAY IT BOY!” I couldn’t handle it anymore and I started screaming “ fuck me, fuck me” He said LOUDER BITCH, MAKE ME BELIEVE IT!” He was thrusting so hard I almost passed out again. In a sobbing yell I screamed “FUCK MEEEEE!” Thrusting into me the entire time he was yelling at me. He grabbed my cheeks so hard (I saw later claw marks from his nails in my buns) and pulled my ass towards him, balls deep inside me. I couldn’t stop sobbing even though by now my ass was totally numb but just his hips slamming against my ass hurt unbelievably bad. This continued until he started screaming, telling me how good my young ass felt on his cock and exploded yet another load into me. Then he collapsed on top of me. He got up and pulled his cock out of worn out hole. I could feel his nut draining out of me. “4 loads baby boy, 4 loads! Mm mm.” He got what he wanted.
I stood up and almost fell, my legs were like water. He said “Get that phat ass outta here before I rip that pussy again.” I as quickly as I could grabbed my shorts and ran out of there as fast as I could. Never looking back.
When I got home, I went straight to my room. I never told anyone what happened for many reasons, fear mostly. The first thing I went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror at my butt and saw…..what he really did to me. Both my cheeks were black and blue, I had bitemarks on my buns and on the right side of my ass….there was a bruised outline of his hand on my ass. I cried myself to sleep for 2 weeks after. Yeah, he definetly got what he wanted.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this story, let me know in the comments and stayed tuned for part 2.

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