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David I was Mommy’s only child. We lived together in a house outside of town. I took the school bus to school. My earliest memories are of Mommy holding me and speaking softly. I don’t remember what she said, but I remember how wonderful I felt
Sophomore year. I move back into a shared room with the same roomate. His regular absence on weekends is convenient. Alexa stays in the apartment with Chelsea and another girl but Shelby comes back to campus and the dorms and the trysting room. I am Cool Joe Sophomore on campus
Hi guys! Glad you liked my last story. Here's another. Again, I was 16 at the time, I was 5' 4" 120 lbs, long brown hair, green eyes, ass to die for, I stole my grandma's estrogen pills and started growing boobies, I was now a full b cup
John walked over to the bed from the bathroom and bent down to kiss me on the cheek. As he did, I heard him say thank you for last night, it was great. As he turned and walk out of my room, I started to think to myself. I how did this happen to me? I was so glad it did
I stayed on my stomach, dazed, while feeling my uncle’s cum dripping slowly from my asshole down my balls and pooling on the sheets around my throbbing cock. I was average length. My dick, or clit from now on, was 5 inches but thick
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Suzy Unleashed Chapter 1 I’ve always had a fondness for women’s clothing, dating back to when I was a young boy. For most of my life, I kept that under control, but, as I got older, the fascination only increased
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*****************************************Best Movie I never saw" ******* I went to a Adult movie theatre a few towns over.I wore jeans a t shirt, boat shoes and a pair of nude silky pantyhose( I have a Huge pantyhose fetish)
Chapter 9 Late spring is when all the sorority weddings seem to happen. A senior Sister, Stephanie, not one of the "In" sisters, also not great looking, gets married and I'm at the house all the bridesmaids are staying in
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My BBC Initiation It was a warm evening in LA, I was young man and alone and seeking to find acceptance somewhere and so I had traveled to Downtown, Main St to go to an adult movie theater. This was many years before the internet
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***************Halloween Party ******************************** My friend had a haloween party at his moms house in the finished basement, what was also his bedroom/livingroom etc etc.. I was dressed as a female devil
The forgotten room I had only been on the job for a few months at the massive long-term care facility on the outskirts of one of the largest cities in America. I didn’t really like the job, but for someone out on parole it was steady income that kept the man off my ass (so to speak)
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Hey everyone this is the same true story I wrote a few years back on a previous account (BisexualCockWhore) but in much greater detail for all you viewers ;) If you want to read the shorter version I wrote on a previous account go to the link below:
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Brian sat impatiently on the park bench, fidgeting in anticipation and excitement. He quickly checked his phone for the time yet again, seeing it was just after 1AM. It was the perfect time for meeting a customer
Hi this is Lisa I am a shemale . Now I am going to tell you how it happened . I was the only son of my mom . she was divorced . She loved me a lot . I am little shy so I do not have any friends
When I was 15 years old, I started thinking about sex a little differently. I enjoyed the sex appeal of women so much that I found myself wanting to be a girl more than I wanted to be a boy. It's amazing the power a girl has over a man during sex. I wanted that power