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The day started like any other, Jessica, the star of the story, got up from bed and took a long look at her naked form in the full length mirror hanging on her wall. Jessica always slept in the nude, she liked the feel of the silken sheets on her bare skin smooth and sensual. Jessica began to admire her creamy white body in that mirror for what seemed like hours until her thoughts were
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United States and the institution of the National Female Culling Act of 2060 implemented by congress to solve the worlds meat shortage, by using the meat of young girls age 18 - 30, who would be butchered by hand using various sharp knives and cleavers while still alive or by using The Jessica 3000
This is a story of suicide during sex. Please keep in mind this is merely a first draft, but I would love some feedback to make the necessary adjustments. If you do not like this type of story, do not read it
Why must people change? For better, for worse, for worse still--that’s the way it always is; the depth of distress aroused in me by this fact is interminable
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e you, he he" He said placing a hand on her shoulder, "You trust me to go in and spit her alone?" Jessica asked "That's the deal and when you are done with her there are four more spits now available and waiting to be filled, think you can handle that?" Jerry said removing his hand from her shoulder
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above the door "RECIEVING", turn and tried to run as far away from the door as possible "Ahahahah" can be heard behind her as her chain tightens on the collar she now wares and she is pulled sharply back into the line of girl approaching the ramp that leads into the building and her impending death
The next day was spent relaxing around my apartment. I shaved my legs, showered and dressed in my WHORE gear and put on my make-up. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a porn goddess, and the sight really turned me on
As I said before despite all the chaos that's happening on the island Karen and her Son Steve and Daughter Helen are happy, safe in their huge cave with the very narrow entrance they fuck and suck each other several times a day everyday
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I had just turned 18. I was the youngest and the rest of my siblings had moved out. I was about to graduate high school. My dad was often gone on work trips and I was left home with mother. A loving and beautiful woman. Even after 6 kids her body was sexy
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While I have always loved zombie movies or zombie stories in general. I didn’t think they were very realistic
Mother Daughter Feast (Part 8- Red Rides the Spit) At Anna's direction, Red pulls more of the spit through her pussy, with Anna guiding it towards her esophagus, forcing it through the cardboard and foil
Mother Daughter Feast (Part 10- Mom Devises Her Own Plan) Once my tits are painted the same as Anna's, I lie on the padded table and spread my legs open. I don't think we need the wood pieces, since we can hold the gun inches from my pussy, but we do need the speculum
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e rotating over the coals before the day was out Jessica and her best friend Stacey were in the line of girls who had volunteered but they didn't want to be there both having just turned 18 they were no longer exempt from the weekly and monthly lotteries they knew the time they had left was numbered
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eyes Gene began the process of butchering the her body into easy to cook cuts of meat all the while thinking to him self, "This was she will last longer" he thought with a laugh as he took the rest of the day to finish the job and packed away the uncooked meat in the freezer and then went off to bed
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s about this story to() ********************************************************************* Part 1 of 4 - Jessica, The Chosen One Jessica, a young blonde cheerleader at Dolcett University, had a terrible feeling that something bad was gonna happen on this day that she just could not explain