Jessica's Number - Part 3 of 4

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Part 3 of 4 - Jessica's Number

The day started like any other, Jessica, the star of the story, got up from bed and took a long look at her naked form in the full length mirror hanging on her wall. Jessica always slept in the nude, she liked the feel of the silken sheets on her bare skin smooth and sensual. Jessica began to admire her creamy white body in that mirror for what seemed like hours until her thoughts were disturbed by the sounds and smell of fresh girl-bacon being cooked by her mother in the kitchen below her.

With not even a second though about her nakedness, Jessica stepped out of the confines of her room into the hall and down the stairs to the kitchen. Taking her place at the table next to her little brother and her father, who both only gave a sly smile as she sat down at the table. This was perfectly normal for Jessica to do since she had very rarely ever worn clothes. "My body is too beautiful to cover up" is what she would reply to anyone asking why she was nude, her family learned to deal with it. Of course Jessica would wear clothes to school but when ever she was home clothes were never on her back. She was sometimes afraid to be nude in front of large crowds.

Jessica at 17, a few months from her 18th birthday, was a very beautiful young girl, 5'1 smooth creamy white skin, 110LBS, long blonde hair and the sexiest baby blue eyes. The kind of eyes to make any young mans heart melt when gazing in to them, or any women for that matter. Jessica is a young version of her lovely mother, the only difference between her and her mother was the 30 year age difference. Jessica's mother, at age 45, was long since exempt from the National Female Culling Act and the State meat Lottery, she was one of the lucky ones to never be called.

Jessica at the table, brother to her left, father at the head of the table, empty spot to her right where her mother will be shortly, all ready to enjoy the freshly cooked girl-bacon sizzling in the frying pan. When there was a knock at the door, Jessica jumped from the table still naked and opened the door to see a man standing there. Jessica was a little self conscious and ducked behind the door to cover up some of her nakedness. The man was a Meat Collector. Being the only female in her family eligible for the NFC, she knew the yellow envelope he was carrying was for her.

This both scared Jessica and excited her. The man looked at the young girl in front of him. "Are you Jessica?" he asked, staring into her eyes. With a silent nod he handed her the yellow envelope and said, "Congratulations" as if it were some great honor and of course it was. Jessica returned to her place at the table. "Who was that dear?" her mother asked, as she sat down at the table to chew on a piece of girl-bacon. Without saying a word Jessica held up the yellow envelope and handed it to her mother.

Jessica's mother was both happy for her daughter and sad at the same time because she knew Jessica wasn't ready for this. She opened the envelope and began to read the Meat Notice. It said "Jessica Kast your State Meat Lottery Number [BB227MN] has been called, you are hereby ordered to report to the designated meat processing plant in 24 hours to prepare you for tomorrows live spit roast barbecue. You know all the rules and consequences, if you do not show up as ordered" As Jessica's mother read the notice, Jessica's heart sank in to her belly. She was too young to die she wasn't even 18 yet. She had only just received the NFC and State Meat Lottery Numbers.

Jessica's mother began making phone calls, while , Jessica took care of her family business as ordered by the notice. She went to school, said goodbye to friends and teachers. All her friends would be sure to be at the barbeque to get a piece of her meat. On the phone, her mother learned that Jessica's number had been called by mistake but as everything was already in motion and could not be called off, she was doomed to be spit roasted alive in less then 24 hours.

When Jessica returned home, her mother told her that her number was called by mistake and a ray of hope entered her, maybe she wouldn’t be dead in 24 hours. But then her mother continued, "They said they can't cancel your order to give your meat, but since you were called by mistake and still a few months away from your 18th birthday, you can choose if you want to be spitted alive or killed first." she said looking into Jessica's eyes, still holding the meat notice. "I don’t know mom, I'll have to think about it." came the reply from Jessica.

Time was getting short. It was less then 5 hours to the big monthly barbeque and she would soon have to report to the designated meat processing plant as ordered. Jessica was a virgin, she didn’t want to die as one, so she went to her father. "Daddy I have to ask you something." she said, while we read his paper in the living room. "What is it sweetie?" he replied. "I’m a virgin, I don’t want to die as one." she said looking into his eyes. He had lowered the paper as she said, "I’m a virgin." he knew what she was going to ask next.

Looking deep into her eyes, "What is it you want sweetie?" he asked. "Would you make love to me, so I wont have to die a virgin?" she asked, looking as sweet as ever. "When the spit enters your pussy you wont be a virgin anymore sweetie." he told her, waiting for her answer. "I know daddy but I want to feel a real man before I feel the spit." she replied. Jessica's mother was passing by and heard the request. "Ohh go on and do her Steve, its not the same as incest, its granting your only daughter a last request." she said. Looking at it that way made perfect since to him and he agreed to fuck his only daughter, to enjoy her flesh before he was enjoying her flesh. Jessica was overjoyed by his acceptance.


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