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This is a work of fan fiction. All characters are the property of their respective owners. I own the story line. Long Time Coming It was the shifting of the bed that roused Hermione from sleep. It was the cool breeze blowing across her naked body that woke her
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MOVING HOUSE It all started with a dumb-ass prank. My son had broken up with his long-time partner, her having being playing away behind his back. When he off-loaded their apartment, he bunked down at mine for a few weeks while he got sorted
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I hadn’t seen either of them in over a month. Time was never on my side and maybe I didn’t deserve it after the things I had done, and the things I still planned to do. Fate finally came knocking on a fateful Friday evening when I was invited over for a friend’s birthday
Role-playing can mean acting out a sexual fantasy with your partner . . . either once or as part of an ongoing fantasy. Uncle Dave created his role playing experiences . . . to be an ongoing erotic fantasy. Especially because he had hooked his 14-year old niece Abby . .
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I had been made redundant and the employment for the area wasn’t great, l was in town with my wife and in an age-help charity shop was a card asking for volunteers and my wife suggested l apply as it will keep me doing something while l look for a proper job
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Kitten When she came in the door to the foyer she found a note on the buffet. “Hello kitten, I’ve been waiting for you.” The note started. She noticed a trail of red rose petals leading down the hall
We decided to down size and my wife found a bungalow in the next village which was ideal