Non-consensual sex
Katie’s screams for help echoed throughout the Warehouses. She reaches up as he pulls her hair, trying to get some sort of relief from the tough and sharp pain on her head
Jason had finally grown bored enough with his peaceful life that he decided to destroy it
She was an avid beach-goer which gave the sun time to turn her pale complexion to very tan. The ocean reflected in her blue eyes and the sun shone in her deep red hair. She was a tad short and a good deal on the heavy side
A Proposal I Cannot Forget This is my first story on here, so be kind, please comment, will take criticism. This is a true story.. wish I could forget about it but maybe I was ment to share this. The names have been changed for confidentiality. A little backround
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INN and OUT A Young Boy's Fantasy Brought To A Darker Light When I was a young boy around the age of seven, I worked with my father run a small Inn just outside of the city
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Moonlight danced on crashing waves, their thunderous energy spent in frothing fury on the face of the unyielding cliff. A wave receded, revealing the slender tip of a sinewy tentacle, clinging tenuously to the jagged wall of dripping stone
Part 3 The next day, I awoke inside a large cage we kept in the basement for Beefy. It was tall, rising to the ceiling, but I was handcuffed low near the ground. The ball gag was gone, but replaced with the cloth bandanna over my mouth. My jaw ached from the ball gag
His short breath echoing in the mostly empty bathroom was loud at first, but when it came filled with the sound of his mouth working over a particularly thick cock, the noises were deafening
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Halloween and the Goblin By rodeotexas November 2012 The young attractive couple, Kate and Dan, had recently purchased the huge old Victorian house. They knew it would be a huge renovation project but have plans to operate it as a bed and breakfast
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The feeling between her legs was so intense, so full of desperation that it almost hurt her. She stepped out of the shower, looking down at her wet, dripping naked body and giving a soft sigh
Penny sat in the living room, Yvette close by. The pair looking at the blonde girl in the room with them. It had taken the sisters a couple of days to come up with any idea of how to deal with the upcoming dead line
It began when I was twelve years old; my father left us to be with another woman, and my mom submersed herself in drugs and alcohol. It was like she had given up altogether
Tony Stark’s silver Audi screeches around a corner on it’s way to Hammer Industries. “When we arrive I need you to watch the perimeter” Natasha says as she pulls out her hair clips. “I’m gonna enter the facility and take down the target.” She unzips her shirt revealing her bra
I'm Catherine, Kat for my friends. I'm 23, attractive but I wouldn't call myself stunning beauty. I'm 177cm tall and I weight around 59kgs. I got red hair past my shoulders and nice B-cup breasts to seal the deal
Assaulted in the Pension Hotel. Note: This is a totally true story, it happened to me, many years ago. I may have lost some of the detail over the years, but basically, it’s almost exactly as it happened.