Last To Know, Chapter 4 When I awoke the next morning my ass was very tender but I had slept better than I expected with my ass filled with the butt plug. I was not able to move very much . Beth was cuddled up tight in front of me and Tammy was spooning on the back side
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FOREWORD: This story is complete FICTION, involving underage sex, if that does not appeal to you, you should leave this thread. Don’t bother flaming, I have had enough flames to burn down a city. Thank you. This is reposted in one piece because of requests
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Butter Ball My sister Bethany Belle took after my mother in size and appearance, unfortunately. Mom is a very big woman. She is really short and really fat too. I on the other hand took after dad. He is tall and thin
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Fbailey story number 155 Cheating Bitch Melissa is a very attractive girl of twenty-one. She is tall, thin, and has really big tits for her size. However she is also a cheating bitch. Melissa is five feet ten inches tall, a hundred and fifteen pounds, and wears a 34-D bra
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The director adjusted the focus on his camera. The room was stifling hot and it seemed like the white tiled walls were dripping as much sweat at the bodies of the three men and their nubile suspended prisoner
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Ever since the foundation of St Saviour’s 60 years ago, the children have always been subjected to harsh daily routines. These routines consist of sexual abuse and physical tortures in the form of health and hygiene therapies and corporal punishments
The Slaver Gets His Wish Chapter 9 The Auction My original plan was to finish out the evening with midnight horseback riding, but banshee was falling asleep on her feet. As she dressed, I paid the bill and said my goodbyes to my fellow trainers
Everyone loves enemas – Evangelion lemon in “Asuka, the toilet slave” by MISTER BIG T New episode in the series. Asuka had gone to school, just a while ago. Misato picked up a phone and began to dial the number to NERV headquarters. “Hey Ritsuko! How are you?” she laughed
Lilith lay on the ground unconscious, her once perfect porcelain skin tattooed with bruises, the most prominent being on her throat and hips
Turning Point Ch. 10 Mary has return home and she and Robert had a great sex filled evening. Mary has informed Robert of her sister and brother-in-law’s visit. Robert is nervous and excited about the addition of new people to their sexual play
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Katy was walking home from school. Her backpack bounced against her back as she walked along, shivering against the cold. It was late, around six o’clock, and she frowned as she glanced at her phone. She was supposed to cook dinner tonight and at this rate she’d be late
Walter and holly are taken to The After Hours Social Club where they participate in a couple of very interesting contests. This is a long story at over 9,000 words
Becky awoke strapped to a sturdy steel chair resembling an electric chair located plain white interview room at the town's Obedience Enforcement Department
Sara’s Revenge Fuck part 2 “Hey, Don,” Ken called out, as he came through the door, “Sara’s out here, she wants to talk to you
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It was getting late and Peter said goodbye to his guests. They all just had had a wonderful evening in Peter’s house. Only Pam stayed behind. - Oh, Peter. I had a great evening with you. I just hoped that you would show us around your farm for once