“I just had to get out of that house,” Hannah said. “Why? What happened?” “Oh yeah, I never told you.” Hannah had a flair for being forgetful, but even as she hardened herself to tell me, it was clearly something she’d always remembered
Hello everybody! I know this isn't a Brian and Joseph story, which will disappoint some, but I really wanted to write this. If you guys want, I'd be glad to turn this story into a series. I'll also take ideas for future stories if you have something you'd like to see
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As long as I can remember, my mother has come into my room every night . She lies next to me in the darkness, caressing my bare skin, lightly running her warm smooth hands across my back, placing delicate kisses on my head or chest
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If you haven’t read my first story yet, please do so if you’re interested. I plan to write a paragraph or so of information before all of my stories, so check it out before you go the actual story. Or, just go right to the story and masturbate. I don’t care
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My story starts off like this… My ex leaves me with my infant daughter Raven… My beautiful Raven is now 18 years old with long jet-black hair and is a tad on the bigger side Not obese by any means but still she is carrying quite a bit of weight
When I stirred the sweet scent of cheap perfume and a strong pussy odour covered my mouth and nose, teasing my nostrils. I was in a girl's room, curled up naked between soft, flowery satin sheets in a single bed
When I was a child, probably no older than 5 or 6, my parents both used to walk through the house in the nude. Usually on their way back from the shower or the bath, and if I happened to be sitting in the hall they wouldn’t think anything of walking right past me
Jane phoned me a couple of days later. “Thanks for a wonderful day on Sunday” she crooned. “Pamela hasn’t stopped talking about it. And I haven’t stopped thinking about it either. It makes me quite randy just to replay some of what we did together in my mind
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It was time to move. I had come into some money from good investments and inheriting some extra money so I decided an upgrade was in order. I found a local Realtor and made an appointment to talk to somebody about finding the perfect place
Ben had just turned 26 when he got took the job. His mom and sister had really gotten into exercise after the excesses of the holidays, and by early February they were working out five times a week
****************************************************************************************************************** This is a story that is true to every extent that I am writing
Italian Fantasy **Italy, night time, outdoor cafe. The street is dark, save for the lights coming from the cafe.** My fantasy begins with me walking up to where you are sitting at one of the tables, nervously looking around and occasionally checking your watch
I’m naked on all fours, whining and humping against the side of the couch while I stare into my webcam perched on the top of my open laptop that is in front of me on the floor. Mistress is typing. The text is entered and I whine
The holiday to Greece was a last minute deal that she really couldn't afford to miss. The travel agency had really struck gold with this one. She felt she needed to get away, following her departure from the job in a bridal wear shop
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Over the last year I have been chatting with a guy named Demarcus that turns out lived about 20 minutes from us. I had shared several pictures of my wife with him and he had become very interested in having sex with her