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This story is not true. There is no New York State. There is no Department of Correctional Services and they do not have prisons. There is no Judge John Cline and he never sat on the bench in Albany County New York
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The light slanted as it came in through the high ceilings, natural lighting always made it easier to draw, especially on the days that the sun was strong, as part of the ceiling was glass. The art room at Price Junior College was a pretty, open space with loads of light
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Halloween and the Goblin By rodeotexas November 2012 The young attractive couple, Kate and Dan, had recently purchased the huge old Victorian house. They knew it would be a huge renovation project but have plans to operate it as a bed and breakfast
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The wolf had Tyler pinned underneath him, his hot breath in the boy's ear. Tyler's heart pounded in fear as he smelt the blood on the animal's breath. He had never believed the stories of wolves bigger than bears, wolves that could crunch a man in half
Penny sat in the living room, Yvette close by. The pair looking at the blonde girl in the room with them. It had taken the sisters a couple of days to come up with any idea of how to deal with the upcoming dead line
Some may remember sitting in a darkened room, watching Rod Serling's “Night Gallery.” Each episode began with an unusual painting, about which Mr
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The Egg Chapter 3 The dream shifted around like oil on top of water. Jacob felt the swirling, nauseating him as he spun in it. He didn’t grasp what was going on. Even as he cried out in frustrating terror, there wasn’t anything he could do. Nothing worked for him
"I love this movie daddy!" "Stop calling me daddy." Karajan pauses the movie. I'm in trouble now. Karajan is upset. He stares at me, and I have to look down. "Okay. I'm sorry." "Baby--look. Look at me." I look into his deep dark face. All these issues you have
It was just after 11 P.M. when I finally hung up the phone. The queue for Tier 1 had closed over an hour ago, and they had called clear at 10:15. I was stuck on a call, however. I do over-the-phone technical support. I used to do actual repairs on phones and tablets
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Charlotte was going hunting. She waited until an hour after sundown and then set out, taking only her heaviest cloak and her sturdiest pair of boots. The cottage door closed behind her as the wind whipped down the side of the mountain
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Chapter 1: of love and lust "youre lucky my master has mercy" a woman spoke with a dark tone picking another woman up by the throat and tossing her aside "rakdos" the other woman winced in pain "he is no longer my master. and if was youd be dead
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CHAPTER TWO 1ST FRIDAY Mike sleeps in until around ten thirty and wakes to find a note that Marlene has taken Janet to the pediatrician for a check up. The other two are in school, so the house is quiet. He finds coffee in the dripolator and pours himself a cup
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Vampires suck cock Edward and Cullen are 2 vampires that are madly in love with each other, they live together in a luxurious mansion. Cullen a young looking man with short curly blond well styled hair, a pretty boy and with jade green eyes
This is a painfull story not for soft hearts and also dont get enraged as it is a harsh truth of our past and must be enlightened so im realy sorry for if anyone's sentiments are hurted i undrsntnd every sentiment of female as im also one of them
**Author's Note-Again, all character's and events are mine, do not steal. Another thing, this story contains non-consensual sex, I do not condone it, and it shouldn't be done, ever. And story is told from two different points of view, it will tell you when it switches