It was a hot day at the beach. My mum and dad had gone for a walk and my brother and I were playing in the sand. I had to pee, so I told my brother I was just going up to the bushes on the sand dunes where my dad had just gone before their walk
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Phtonus's words scared Cat to her core
Seize the Day part 2 Weeks after our first encounter you come by for another visit. During dinner my wife asks if you want to stay the night and I look down at my plate suddenly feeling embarrassed and ashamed. You smile at her ignoring me and say, that would be nice
SIERRA The moans and screams of my teenage daughter flow from her open bedroom window and into the backyard. The neighbors give me amused expressions while I hurriedly run to the back door and fumble with the keys
Hello everyone. You can call me ‘Jeff’. I’ll be writing a short introduction so that you can get to know me and understand a little better, why I wrote this, and who I am (Except my real name, location, etc
Jenny’s stepfather had successfully trained his young asian teen into a submissive sex slave (read the previous story) that gave him blowjobs whenever he wanted. Jack, Jenny’s stepbrother, still wanted to take his little sister’s virginity
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Surprise First at a Rest Stop The night was dark and moonless and it seemed I had been driving my little beater of a car forever down this virtually deserted two lane highway
My mom was an RN at the VA hospital where she worked overnight. She was married to John since I was one years old, he was all I knew. I even called him Daddy, it wasn't until years later, I learned he was not my father. I have since began calling him John
Megan: Ok Sir, what do I have to do? Her heart started beating fast trying to work out how she had gotten herself into this situation, it had all started innocently enough, she was just chatting to random boys on the internet when this guy, Dominatus, had started chatting to her
Fbailey story number 403 My Cheating Wife I knew that my wife was screwing around on me even before I caught her at it. She was cleaver but not cleaver enough. I would check her used panties for crust, the mileage on her car, and the GPS on her cell phone
Author’s note:This is Tiffanie’s, a former fictional playboy playmate, second story.Her first is interracial
Tammy (1) The bus trip “Tammy! Tammy.” Dad shouted, “Grab your coat we have to go to the coast and pick up some students.” I was almost asleep when he called, so I popped my head out of my bedroom door, “What do you mean?” I asked
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Dan had been my best friend since the first week of uni. I'd known him for 8 years now. He'd always have girlfriends and I could rarely remember a time when he was single as they would often overlap
Megan: Can I please go in and get a shower now sir? Megan stepped into the shower wincing from the pain she was feeling in her bum now that the adrenaline had worn out from her earlier experience with Mr Johnson