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Ravi Chopra was cruising 10,000 feet above sea level in the Boeing in which he was traveling from U.K to India. It was about to land in a short time. He was daydreaming about his mother whom he had not seen since past three years
My eyes awoke to the piercing rays of the sun, fighting its way through the blinds. I quickly glanced at the clock and was relieved to see it was only 8:30. The best chance for me and Chris to get any action today was before anyone else woke up
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atter so I thought of places to pick up guys I decide I’ll try the disco club again so I did went back this time I met two Filipinas Carol and Tina 26 and 24 respectively both were drinking with other nationals on one table, they invited me after we met at the ladies room and I joined in
Jenny’s stepfather had successfully trained his young asian teen into a submissive sex slave (read the previous story) that gave him blowjobs whenever he wanted. Jack, Jenny’s stepbrother, still wanted to take his little sister’s virginity
Jay and Amy part 2 So a couple things before you guys read, I do write for fun. And to the people who don’t get it, Jay does talk like a caveman, he doesn’t like to pronounce the entire word and he likes to skip over unnecessary words. It’s not bad grammar, it’s how he talks
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Lives of Louise. Family gangbang Roy’s mother called up one Thursday afternoon to inform me that their family is having an overnight beach stay somewhere in the south (Roy is my husband).She told me that they would be fetching me along the way
His short breath echoing in the mostly empty bathroom was loud at first, but when it came filled with the sound of his mouth working over a particularly thick cock, the noises were deafening
Chapter 2 I see him. My target. My victim. Whatever you want to call it. I’ve been studying him for a week now. I am in the form of a sparrow, flying over his head. He walks into a sandwich shop. I change to my ghost form and follow inside. He is sitting alone, eating a sandwich
I had always fantasize and encourage my wife to do porn. Samantha didn't want to do it because she didn't want her parents to find out. After her mom passed away, Samantha felt life is so short as her mom was only 45yo & she is 23yo
The Osaka Riders of Glorious Youth by Vincent Part 2 "Well, look at the two little lover birds." I rolled over and opened my eyes. Sakura was scowling down at us with arms crossed. I still had mine wrapped around Aiko, spooning her naked body
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I WRITE AS HE SAYS "Amma, somebody is here to see you" "haa, beta i am coming"
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I looked down at Amber as she held our daughter. The gambit of emotions as I gazed upon her, holding Anna, our fragile little daughter in her arms, was almost too much
I often wonder how people get involved with urine. We come across it in porn, or we even search it out. How does one propose the thought of a golden shower? It has to start somewhere… but where exactly? I was lucky to have been introduced to it while I was in college
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Ashes flicked off the end of his cigarette, the embers glowing briefly then silenced in the sand as the wind picked up. Sato's eyes narrowed, the deep creases in his leathery skin flexing slightly as he sought out the glowing disk of light sinking quickly on the horizon