Female and Female
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This story is almost fiction, and any resemblance to events, places, persons living or dead, is not coincidence. The characters are real with fictitious names and the events are factual, or almost, to tell the truth, they have been altered a little, very little
This is part three of a story. If you haven’t read parts one and two you may like to do so before you read this. As with previous parts, this story is fictional. It involves sexual acts between a 12 and 14 year old brother and sister which includes peeing
Well all have had this thought for awhile and decided to put it to paper so to speak, and see what the rest of ya think. Nothing too taboo in this - check the tags above. Comments are of course welcomed. Hope you find this as erotic as I did
My girlfriend, Stefani, held me from behind, her round breasts pressed into my back as I shuddered. The words choked out of my mouth, admitting that I had masturbated this morning to my little brother. The Squirt. I couldn't be attracted to him. I was gay
Only twenty words were spoken. Twenty words that would change her life forever, and also the way they saw each other. It started off distant and professional, him just taking what he wanted
The Futa Fairy – Futa Doctor's Hot Wish Chapter Two: Dr. Rita's Futa Medicine By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 I rolled off my sleeping beauty, both of us breathing so heavily. Already, Nurse Pita was dressing, a big smile on the Hispanic nurse's face
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Phtonus's words scared Cat to her core
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Chapter 4: “It’s true, I crave you…” Spending every Friday night in the same booth entertaining the same hairy Russian who just couldn’t seem to keep his hands to himself was a tedious task that Vixen wasn’t sure she could repeat for very long without breaking a few fingers
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Author’s note: Fiction – Noun – 1. The class of literature the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, especially in prose form. 2. works of this class, as novels or short stories: detective fiction. 3
I lay on the black leather sofa, my silky smooth legs over my best friends lap. It was one of those old leather sofa’s that was a little bit worn, but you literally sink in to. It was soo comfortable. Its warm leather and anorectic smell made the whole place homely
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Jeremy's story continues on read chapter 1 Jeremy strolled in to his office building, casually greeting his staff one by one. His appearance more or less a formality as this company was his solely. He was the creator and founder of Playa Industries
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We’d been married for about ten years when I discovered my wife’s secret fantasy, she fantasized about being raped and in fact wanted to be raped. Of course I had a secret fantasy of my own, taking Meg to a swing party
------------- Chapter 2: The Sole Purpose ------------- It had been about a year since Katie, Jax, and I saw each other
Milk of Desire By EFon Chapter 3 : She set me up for my first time. I woke up to my mom calling me at my door to get up for school. I woke and wondered if yesterday was real or a dream
We were back in my wife’s hometown for a short vacation and she decided she would like to catch up with a few old friends she hasn’t talked to since high school