Just Another Saturday

Well all have had this thought for awhile and decided to put it to paper ,so to speak, and see what the rest of ya think. Nothing too taboo in this - check the tags above. Comments are of course welcomed. Hope you find this as erotic as I did.

Just another Saturday

So there it was – just another Saturday. Life had settled into just a lot of typicals and this weekend was shaping up to be another one of those. I had worked all week and I just wanted to relax for the most part on the weekend and get ready for the next week. I had gotten up early for a weekend. Got the dog fed, kind of picked up a few things around the house and straightened things up, did a couple of small things that needed to be done that I had put off for a couple of weeks. I played with the dog outside for a bit and then took our youngest son to work. He is 17, working at the local hardware store, a senior in high school and the only kid we have left in the house. So not quite empty nesters yet (and so looking forward to that by the way) but we definitely enjoy the place being a little less noisy than when all 3 were there and the place was a lot busier.

So with all my self assigned duties seemingly done I returned home a little after noon and sat in my favorite chair in the living room with a newspaper and a beer and a bag of chips. Terribly exciting I know. Our dog was outside the living room that has a sliding baby gate across it. There are only a few spots in the house that we try to keep the dog hair to a minimum – this is one of those. I hadn’t seen or heard from my wife all day long either. Like most families we both work to make ends meet and I knew she was tired, so when I left the room that morning I quietly closed the door with the dog on the outside of it and decided to let her get some rest.

Just like most of life, things between us had slipped into much of a routine. Not like we are as young as we used to be – both of us are in our mid forties and as said both work. We both work odd hours so a lot of times during the week we don’t see each other a whole lot. I am up and gone before she gets up and then she is out later than I am with her work and when she gets home is usually tired and is in bed before me and typically asleep before me as well. So if not catching up on sleep or something on the weekends then that is the time that we have for ourselves especially with the kids off to college and working and everything.

So yes, this was shaping to be like the weekend before and probably the weekend next. In all of this there is no mention of sex. Well that is because it just doesn’t happen a lot. Again – we are getting older and things have kind of settled on that front. Also my wife has put on some weight with the years – not a lot but enough to where the changes in her body are more of a concern to her than they are to me. I have changed some as well and am not as trim and fit as I used to be either of course. I still catch guys checking her out occasionally. Whenever I try to tell her that she tells me I am hugely mistaken and that no guy ever checks her out. Sorry – being a guy I know when one is staring at someone! Despite the obvious flaws though, my wife is still pretty hot. We have the constant argument that her boobs are sagging – so not happening. Her legs are still amazing and her face hasn’t changed that’s for sure. I can see why guys still look as she walks past even if she refuses to believe me.

So yes there I was again. My wife finally decided to come downstairs. Having just woke up she was still in her night shirt which in reality is just is an old t-shirt of mine. I have never really minded her taking it, although I wouldn’t tell her that, as it just barely coves her ass and if she stands on her toes – her ass nicely peeks from under it. Another reason why I know guys check her out as she walks by – cause I still do!

“Good morning honey!” I said knowing full well it wasn’t morning and just a bit of sarcasm in my voice. I of course tipped my paper down to stare at her shapely ass as she walked past. I heard a slight mumble from her as she kept walking by me. Her hair still all messed up which I always found terribly sexy as it also looks like that just fucked look too. It was just after that when the day drastically changed. It started with me watching my wife step over the gate to the living room. Nothing too dramatic except I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. Which was odd cause they were on when I had gotten out of bed this morning. She walked over and moved my paper to the side and plopped down on my lap,

“Good afternoon honey” she said with much the same sarcasm I had said earlier, although she followed hers with a kiss. And not just a simple peck on the cheek or even lips. This was a full on, open mouth, tongue on tongue kiss that with my wife’s naked ass on top of me made my dick jump to life. I asked what the occasion was but only got a smile from her before she did it again. It didn’t take me any more than that to drop my paper to the side and respond in kind. I slid one arm around my wife and the other I slid up her leg to her waist, pushing the shirt up and confirming that she had no panties on. Before I even realized it there we were in the living room making out. I had my hand under her shirt pinching her nipples and she was grinding against my now very hard cock.

Just then she slid down my body and knelt before me in the floor. She reached up and undid my belt and zipper on my jeans. She smiled at me again and pulled them down along with my boxers and freeing my cock which was happy to be out of its constraints and sprung immediately to attention. My wife stared at it for a few seconds and then looking up at me opened her mouth and swallowed all of me. Now I am not the biggest guy in the world – about average I guess with seven inches – but watching my wife devour all of me and then start sucking me like a professional was extremely hot. I had no idea what had gotten into her (well besides my cock) but I was enjoying it immensely when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a figure standing outside our window.

I hadn’t mentioned before but the front of our house has bushes along the window that are about waist high and the window has curtains but they are never pulled close and then we just have sheers over the windows. I looked over and could clearly make out the figure of a man standing there. I know from having been outside that if you are close enough you can see pretty clearly through the sheers and this guy was close enough. I told my wife that we were being watched. She briefly looked over at the window and then looked back up at me. My cock was dripping in her saliva and she again smiled at me as she pulled her night shirt off,

“Fuck Me!”

She lay back on the floor and opened her legs and I could see how wet she was. Like her I had gotten to the point where I didn’t care. The door was locked, we weren’t expecting company and it wasn’t as if this person could really do anything and I wasn’t about to miss out on whatever had caused my wife to turn into some cock hungry slut! I stood up and kicked off my jeans and pulled off my shirt before falling between her open legs. As soon as I did I felt her hand on my cock pulling me into her moist slit. That was all the encouragement I needed as I drove myself hard into her. Hearing her moans of approval I started fucking her. I occasionally would glance at the stranger at the window. I was sure he was jacking off to us fucking our brains out.

My wife started to scream she was about to cum and then I felt her tighten around me. Her back arched, her legs stiffened and I felt her nails dig into my back. After being married for this long she knew I wouldn’t be far behind – especially not watching all of this before me. She looked up at me hungrily,

“Fuck my ass?! Please I want to feel you in me!”

She slid back from me and my hard cock glistened from being inside her. Before I could even think to ask how she wanted to do this she turned over. Her face on the floor and her knees under her presenting her ass to me, I knelt behind her and lined my cock up with her tight little ass. With one push I sunk half of my wet cock into her. I heard her moan loudly as I did,

“I want it all!”

I slid my cock back out ‘til I was just inside her and on the next thrust in I buried my hard shaft deep inside her. She pushed back against me meeting each of my thrusts. As she did she screamed out that she wanted to taste my cum. I know it wasn’t more than just a few minutes and I felt my hot seed boiling in my balls. It had been a couple of months and then with the added excitement of the day … I pulled my cock out of her ass and she flipped over like a flash with her mouth open. I leaned over her and only had to stroke my cock a couple of times before a thick rope of cum splashed into her mouth and on her chin. The second shot wasn’t quite as good as I shot onto her cheek and it rand down her face and dripped onto her chest. The remaining few spurts I shook and covered her face, as well as, more going in her mouth.

When done I sat back in my chair, breathing heavy and staring at my wife covered in my cum. I watched as she wiped her face and rubbed it into her hard nipples and licked the rest off of her hands. She smiled broadly at me with this wicked, devious look I hadn’t seen in years. She grabbed her night shirt and stood up and flipped it casually over one shoulder and then walked out of the room. I watched her ass and every step she took as she went back upstairs. I looked over at the window – whoever was there was gone.

That night we made love again and again it was amazing. Had to keep it a little quiet with the boy in the house – but the memory from the afternoon was there. We both slept that night like satisfied lovers should. I woke up a little later than I normally would on Sunday. I went downstairs and let the dog out and then headed out front to get paper. On the way back into the house was a small sticky note on the front screen door frame. The only thing on it was a web address. I went inside, let the dog in and fed him then went downstairs and fired up the computer. I typed in the address which took me directly to a website that was a user based porn site. People there loaded up images of themselves. The page I was at was titled afternoon delight and as I clicked play I watched EVERYTHING that had happened the day before!

Needless to say I was more than a little shocked. The more I watched though I noticed a few things. Thankfully because of the sheers you couldn’t exactly tell who we were. The downside was that you also couldn’t appreciate the cum bath my wife got. Also the angle that it was shot from – wasn’t quite the same angle as the person we saw watching us. So either he sat the camera up on the other side of the picture window – or there were two people watching! The other glaring thing I noticed was that since this was posted – which was less than 24 hours – it had 4612 hits and the rating on it was 94.6% approval. Reading through the comments, I could honestly say that guys not only looked but were fucking ecstatic over my wife! I also now had the proof to show her.

Well all there ya go. If ya got this far then take a few seconds to click positive or not. And if ya really want to go all out - leave a quick message and let me know what ya think? Thanx for reading either way.

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