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Emily awoke, laying totally naked on her bed, legs spread and a large wet spot on her sheets around her ass. Her mouth felt really dry and it took her a moment to realize that she still had her panties in there. She was exhausted but on the other hand felt a heavenly bliss in her mind
It was a Friday. Finally, thought nick as he got off of school. Nick was in high school, a freshman to be specific. And his sister was in middle school, in the eighth grade. He got picked up by his mom alone, as his sister takes the bus, and they talked on the ride home
Chapter 1 It had all happened faster than she could have imagined, and she was still wondering how she could be so lucky that her biggest fantasy would come true; but it did. Jo was a 17 year old teenager with the hots for her brother
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Alright, let's try this again under a different account. XNXX stories is acting quite odd. So, somehow the other copy of this story got deleted and this is my second go. Yes, this story is YOUNG. Please don't make comments pointing that out
Another day walking home, wishing that my life would just spark up and become a little more entertaining.It's my sixteenth birthday today, and having getting my own home is not by best birthday present.Although my other presents have not exactly been great, either
Jennifer stood there in the door, still with her hand rubbing furiously down inside her panties; she was awaiting Calista's answer. Calista could feel herself growing warmer
Not really erotic chapter but hopefully it will get interesting Michael Shae had just graduated from college and was excited to be starting his new job. He had landed it even before he graduated and it was finally his first day
Day 2 Emily woke up with a wonderful feeling, she had slept nude and a small wet spot on her bed told her, how horny she was
I have been away from stories for a while. Read my other stories…you will see why I stopped. I am now going to take this semi-seriously and try to give you, the readers, a story that will not only entertain you in a physical manner, but emotionally and mentally as well
It had been a couple of weeks since Mary and I started seeing each other. We had actually started going out as a real couple, not just fuck-buddies
This takes place in an average small Midwest town Jack and his wife, Sharon live just out of town. They also have a baby girl, Ashley who is six months old
Vacation with my family Hi everybody‭! I am Stephanie or just Steph like all my friends call me and this story is about the first sexual vacations with my family. But first of all let me introduce you to my family
At 19 years old Ellie was just an ordinary girl, she went to college Tuesday to Friday, stayed in most week day evenings, and spent the weekends with friends
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Mellisa Miller “what a mess.” I said as I walked into my daughter's room. Dirty clothes were strewn everywhere her desk was covered by empty pop cans, and her bed was so messy I honestly couldn't tell what direction she lays her head
Clara had been a servant for Mr. Smith for nearly a year. As soon as she turned 16, her mother threw her out of the house in order to prevent Clara's father from enjoying her teen daughter's silky skin