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The day started like any other, Jessica, the star of the story, got up from bed and took a long look at her naked form in the full length mirror hanging on her wall. Jessica always slept in the nude, she liked the feel of the silken sheets on her bare skin smooth and sensual. Jessica began to admire her creamy white body in that mirror for what seemed like hours until her thoughts were
OPEN WINDOW When Erin turned sixteen, she was still a virgin. That didn't last long though because her boyfriend, Sam, finally convinced her to go all the way one hot summer night a few months after her sixteenth birthday
When I was twelve years old, my body started changing; I got my period and felt so alone. My mom is so old school that she didn’t talk about it, we went to the store and she bought me some big super absorbent sanitary napkins. And I was told to change them when they got soaked
She was an avid beach-goer which gave the sun time to turn her pale complexion to very tan. The ocean reflected in her blue eyes and the sun shone in her deep red hair. She was a tad short and a good deal on the heavy side
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United States and the institution of the National Female Culling Act of 2060 implemented by congress to solve the worlds meat shortage, by using the meat of young girls age 18 - 30, who would be butchered by hand using various sharp knives and cleavers while still alive or by using The Jessica 3000
I lay on the black leather sofa, my silky smooth legs over my best friends lap. It was one of those old leather sofa’s that was a little bit worn, but you literally sink in to. It was soo comfortable. Its warm leather and anorectic smell made the whole place homely
A Proposal I Cannot Forget This is my first story on here, so be kind, please comment, will take criticism. This is a true story.. wish I could forget about it but maybe I was ment to share this. The names have been changed for confidentiality. A little backround
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This isn't something I ever thought I'd write out, let alone let anyone else read, but it never really occurred to me that anyone would want to, or that there was anyone else like me. Hell, I didn't even know I was like this before Monty
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You woke with a sweat. Your heart pounding and your dick rock hard. You hear a soft moan next to you. You look down and see your sleeping wife. you subconsciously stroke your cock slowly
This is part 5 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of England. It is a decision that I will never regret
Lily wandered around the house absentmindedly flicking on the lights a night set in. She had done her chores for the day, and was already ahead on the next. As always, her caretaker had left before dawn. She rarely saw him during the daylight hours
He watched the fly ball float up into the air and knew right away. It was going far, but not far enough. The ball fell unceremoniously into the glove of his rivals from the state college team. It was his chance for glory snuffed out at the last minute
ssure in my ass I had never had before, and as his cock slipped out I knew why, liter after liter of hot cum ran out, the guy below was covered, all around guys stood in awe, as he moved off me leaving the biggest load of cum I've ever seen, dripping out of my well used butt John being kinky too
Little Red stood motionless as the three gigantic wolves leered at her. She could not tell how many stood behind her but could feel their eyes burning into her. The back of her neck tingled causing goose bumps from utter fear. The wolf in front of her towered over her
My mom was an RN at the VA hospital where she worked overnight. She was married to John since I was one years old, he was all I knew. I even called him Daddy, it wasn't until years later, I learned he was not my father. I have since began calling him John