My wild night with the sexy thick nurse - Part 1

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Sexy Thick Nurse

It had been a few months since I tragically lost the love of my life and I was feeling very down and lonely, as is typical in these situations, when a friend of mine, Casey, stopped in unexpectedly for a brief visit on her way home from the hospital. We sat and chatted for a while about recent goings on and how emotional we had been lately with the changing of the seasons and the poor performance our favorite baseball team. Casey was a few years younger than me at 26 years old to my 33, but I couldn’t resist staring at her full ample breasts under her scrub top as she sat there with me on the sofa. I had overheard a rumor that she was still a virgin, but couldn’t believe that was true, even though she was a little thicker than most guys would like, a BBW so to speak. After a few hours of chit chat and a couple drinks Casey decided it was time to head home, so she could “unwind” from the day and let her dogs out before calling it a night. We both rose from the sofa and headed for the front door where I stopped her for a hug before she left. I pulled her very close and tight, feeling the firm pressure of those big soft tits against my chest I knew I had to make at least one effort to see if this could potentially lead anywhere. As we started to break our embrace I let my hand glide along her side and stopped before backing completely away to pause and kiss her gently on the cheek. She looked up and asking if I was okay pulled me back in for another little hug. This time I lowered my head to her neck and began softly giving her little kisses all the way up to her ear, where I whispered “stay”. She didn’t back away from my embrace, but instead lifted my head to hers where she planted a short firm kiss and my lips and nodded in agreement. Taking full advantage of this opportunity, I slid my hand down her side and back up under her shirt where I proceeded to move towards her breast. Upon reaching them I discovered her nipples were rock hard and I knew that she wanted this just as bad as I did. I slowly lifted her scrub top up over head and tossed it aside, taking the opportunity to take in her sexy black lace bra and perky big nipples. She grabbed my hand and said “let’s move somewhere a little more private” and began to lead me down the hall to room. Once instead we started kissing passionately and petting heavily until I couldn’t take the tension anymore. I pulled her shoes off and dragged her pants with them. Standing there in front of me in just her trim sexy lacy undergarments she looked at me and said “someone is a little over dressed for the party. Let me help you with that!” She lifted my T-shirt up and over my head and then started awkwardly fumbling with my belt buckle. Teasingly slapping my hand when I offered assistance she finally got the buckle undone and proceeded to unbutton and unzip my jeans as well. She slid off my gym shoes, pants and socks before standing back to take a good look at me in nothing but my boxer briefs before lowering them as well. As she pulled my undershorts down she casually dropped to her knees in front of me and let my now very engorged member smack her in the forehead as she leaned back up. She giggled ad said” Wow, it is bigger close up than I had expected!” I blushed a little at the compliment, but managed to chuckle and say “So what would you like to o with it?” She smiled and kissed me gently right on the piss hole before opening her mouth and slowly lowering it down the full length of my rod. I was really thrilled at this point. It had been a long time since I had even felt the touch of a woman and now I was balls deep in ones throat. I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying Friday night to raise my spirits. She expertly sucked, licked, and stroked my cock while gently fondling my balls for several moments. I had leaned back against the wall to brace myself while she worked her magic and then she did something I had never imagined and slowly slid one moistened finger into my ass hole. This took m completely by surprise, but it felt intensely erotic and very stimulating so I let her continue. I looked down and saw her looking up at me with those big beautiful brown eyes and I was almost hypnotized by them as she ever so slowly and eagerly sucked her way up and down my rigid shaft, stopping at the head momentarily to allow time for her hot, wet tongue to circle and tease my swollen head. Running her tongue gracefully around and around the glans, licking and sucking my piss hole while slowly stroking my shaft and fingering my ass. I still couldn’t believe this was her first time pleasing a man, but she assured me later that it was. Just as she had bottomed out my cock in her throat and began more intensely fingering my anus I could feel my balls started to tighten in my scrotum. I could tell she felt the change too as she looked up at me with those big doe eyes, increased suction, and started frantically fingering me binging me to one of the most intense climaxes I has ever felt. I was surprised she didn’t pull away for me to shoot my load on the floor her chest, but she sucked out every last drop and even swallowed it without saying a peep. This girl is definitely a keeper! She continued to lick and suck on my member until it went flaccid in her mouth saying that she wanted to make sure I was clean and empty before putting me away for a while. After believing I was satisfactorily cleaned up she pulled by boxer briefs back up and stood up looking at me with those big beautiful eyes. After that amazing round of oral stimulation I just knew I had to return the favor, and would love every minute of it too!

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